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  • 91 March Email Subject Lines to Keep Revenue Marching On

With February being the shortest month of the year, March comes at you fast. It can feel like a whirlwind as you’re closing out the first quarter of the year and prepping for the next.

march email subject lines - spongebob multitasking

Managing a business in March can seem like you’re doing a million things at once. 

Don’t let your email marketing strategy slip through the cracks during this time! As easy as it is to put marketing aside as you focus on growth, using planning tools and templates can help you stay on track. We’ll provide you with just that today as we dive into:

  • Four tips to make your March email subject lines stand out
  • March email subject line ideas fit for your business
  • March holidays can you frame your email marketing campaigns around

With these March email subject line ideas, you’ll be able to promote your business faster than you can say “it’s spring already?”

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March email subject line tips

As March marks the end of the first quarter of the year, this month is an ideal time to reevaluate your email marketing progress. Keep yourself on track for the rest of the year with these March email subject line tips:

Keep your goals in mind

While you should be checking in on your email marketing success regularly, it’s even more important to do so during telling times like the end of the quarter. Taking a quick look at your email marketing goals will not only keep you on track but help you to align your March email subject lines accordingly.

If you don’t have goals set in place yet, it’s never too late! Try using our handy SWOT analysis breakdown below to evaluate your current email marketing and identify KPIs to shoot for.

marketing swot analysis chart

An example of SWOT analysis questions to start with when identifying your email marketing goals.

Check your character counts

If you haven’t been paying attention to the length of your email subject lines, now is the time to give this area of your strategy some TLC.

Concise email subject lines are a must this March because 47% of people now check their emails via mobile apps. Plus, a short email subject line will help you keep up with your competition as 82% of businesses are already sticking to subject lines that are under 60 characters.

Use these guidelines below to help keep your March email subject lines short and sweet:

chart of average character counts by email server

A personalized email subject line is a happy email subject line

While a personalized marketing experience should be present throughout your business’s strategy, it’s an even bigger factor when it comes to your email copywriting.

In fact, a subject line that includes your recipient’s first name leads to a higher click-through rate than one without.

Boost your email engagement by keeping your target audience top of mind when creating your subject lines.

march email subject line ideas - an example of a personalized business email subject line


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Don’t forget to have fun with it

As a business owner or marketing manager, there aren’t always opportunities to go crazy and take risks. Take advantage of the fact that the more creative your email subject lines are, the better!

For example, try out emojis to see higher open rates. Even silly subject lines have their place as 33% of people will open an email just because they think the subject line is catchy.

If taking a walk on the email wild side isn’t your thing, you should at least try value-adding language. For example, emails including the word “free” in the subject line are 10% more likely to be opened. You could also try mentioning a giveaway or contest, a coupon, a percentage discount, and more to grab your recipient’s attention.

march email subject line ideas - example of email using emojis and promotional language

March email subject line ideas for any business

Whether you’re a growing franchise, a local store, or anything in between, these March email subject lines will work for all business types this month:

  • Shop Smart this March. Shop Local.
  • Pisces or Aries? March Birthday Surprises Inside
  • Mooch March? Not with Our GIVEAWAY
  • March Magic is in the Air!
  • March Madness! Want In on the Fun?
  • Spring is Here! Are You Ready?
  • Magnetic March Offers You Can’t Miss
  • Mysterious March… Shh Secret News Inside…
  • You’re Invited! March Madness Party
  • Looking for something this March? 👀 We can help!
  • Calling all March customers!

march email subject lines - spring email subject line

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If you need to book services, use these email subject lines

Service-based businesses need March email subject lines that fit their niche market, so try out these tailored ideas:

  • Amelia, Book Your Service Now for 10% Off
  • Book Now & Get a Surprise Later
  • Booking with Us? Here’s What You Need to Know
  • No Time Like the Present! Get Our Expert Help
  • Help Us Help You. Book Now & Save
  • Us + You = Teamwork!
  • Hurry, Adam! March Appointments Filling Fast
  • Mark Your March Calendar
  • Yolanda, Have You Booked Your Spring Services Yet?
  • Spring Services Are Right Around the Corner…
  • Short on Time? Book Now & Save Time Later
  • Masterful March! Services with Our Experts
  • Multipurpose March! Book Our Expert Help Now
  • Lisa, Make “Me Time” a Priority this March 💯
  • Open me for first-in-class service at your fingertips💅
  • Read about our customer service guarantee 😊

march email subject lines - email for services example

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For increased sales, try these email subject lines

March is the perfect time to move customers down the sales funnel to meet your Q1 revenue goals. Here are a few March email subject lines for sales:

  • March Over to Our Store for 20% Off!
  • Click for a special March memento with purchase 3/1-3/31
  • Buy in March, Get an April Coupon
  • Mario, Get 15% Off All March Long
  • Hurry! Buy Now Before March Deals Sell Out
  • Spring Shopping? We Can Help
  • What to Buy Before Winter Ends?
  • Loni, March Madness Specials Just for You
  • March Madness! Deals That’ll Drive Your Wallet Mad
  • March Deals Keep Marching On…
  • Magic March! Open for a Mystical Deal
  • Mia, Don’t Miss Out on March Sales!
  • Maniacal March! These Sales Are Crazy
  • 🚨March mega-sale alert🚨
  • Take a sneak peek at our spring sale items

march email subject lines - example of promoting sales with spring email

Merry March email subject lines for holidays

Believe it or not, there are tons of March holidays outside of St. Patrick’s Day that you can use to promote your business. Check out these fun March holidays you can leverage when creating your email subject lines:

  • 💡Here’s an idea for you (March is International Ideas Month)
  • The Year is Flying By! Have You Started Planning Your Wedding? ( National Wedding Planning Day, March 1)
  • Hey, You’re Great. (World Compliment Day, March 1)
  • What You Need to Read this March (Read Across America Day, March 2)
  • We Heart Our Nurses (Caregiver Appreciation Day, March 3)
  • How We’re Giving Back on World Wildlife Day (World Wildlife Day, March 3)
  • Why Our Employees Are Awesome! (Employee Appreciation Day, March 4)
  • Meet Our Business’s MVPs! (National Salesperson Day, March 4)
  • What’s for Dinner? (National Frozen Food Day, March 6)
  • March Munchies! (National Cereal Day, March 7)
  • Winning Women We Love (International Women’s Day, March 8)
  • Feeling Crabby? (National Crab Meat Day, March 9)
  • How We’re Honoring Harriet Tubman (Harriet Tubman Day, March 10)
  • What’s a World Without Plumbing? (World Plumbing Day, March 11)
  • The Official List of The Cutest K9 Pups in Our County (National K9 Veterans Day, March 13)
  • How to Chip, Dip, & Stay Hip! (National Potato Chip Day, March 14)
  • 14 Reasons Why You Should Work with Us (Pi Day, March 14)
  • Tori, We Care About Your Rights. (World Consumer Rights Day, March 15)
  • We’re Bringing You Luck! (St. Patrick’s Day, March 17)–Get more catchy St. Patrick’s Day phrases you can use in your subject lines!
  • Feeling Lucky? 🍀 (St. Patrick’s Day, March 17)
  • Go Green (And Not for St. Patrick’s Day) (Global Recycling Day, March 18)
  • Ain’t No Thing, Chicken Wing! (National Poultry Day, March 19)
  • Be Honest, Did You Brush AND Floss Today? (World Oral Health Day, March 20)
  • March Matches Made in Heaven! (Proposal Day, March 20)
  • What We Can Do to Make You Happy (International Day of Happiness, March 20)
  • Tamara, Your Business Makes Us So Happy! (International Day of Happiness, March 20)
  • How to Give Back on World Down Syndrome Day (World Down Syndrome Day, March 21)
  • .. Need. Water… (World Water Day, March 22)
  • click here for cute puppies! (National Puppy Day, March 23)
  • Jenny, How’s the Weather? (World Meteorological Day, March 23)
  • Not to Be Cheesy, But… (National Cheesesteak Day, March 24)
  • It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere, Right? (National Cocktail Day, March 24)
  • 5 Tricks to Eat More Greens💚 (National Spinach Day, March 26)
  • The Show Must Go On! (World Theatre Day, March 27)
  • Remembering Vietnam. (National Vietnam War Veterans’ Day, March 29)
  • How It All Started? (National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day, March 29)
  • An Apple A Day… (Doctors’ Day, March 30)
  • Why We’re Happy as Clams (National Clams on the Half Shell Day, March 31)

march email subject line ideas - st patricks day email example

March newsletter email subject line ideas

Newsletter email subject lines need to draw readers in, and these ideas below will do just that:

  • 4 Things You Need to Do Before Winter is Over
  • 3 Ways to Prep for Spring
  • Our Advice for Q2
  • How to Recap Q1 Like a Pro
  • Looking Back on Q1 for Q2 Lessons
  • Keep Marching on With These Tips
  • Mindful March: Tips to Stay Grounded
  • Mellow March: Cruising Through Q1
  • March memories: looking back at our monthly highlights
  • Our proudest March moments 🤓
  • Our guide to superb spring planning✅


march email subject lines - example march newsletter email content


Maintain your marketing movement with these March email subject lines

When you’re pressed for time during this busy change of seasons, working on your email marketing can be the low-hanging fruit needed to help promote your business in a pinch. A few emails with attention-grabbing subject lines could lead to marvelous March marketing results. Plus, with our handy ideas above, trying email marketing this month won’t require a ton of resources—happy sending!

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