Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, and lucky for you, there’s still time for a few things before the big day! Even if you’re not participating in a Small Business Saturday event, you can get the word out about things happening in your area and plan to participate by supporting your local community through shopping (and who doesn’t love that!?).

Here are some ways to prepare with not a moment to spare.

1. Use the Free Resources Provided by American Express

American Express has a number of free resources you can use if you’ve signed up to participate in Small Business Saturday. And, they’ve even made it easy to customize these materials for your business. All you have to do is visit their website and start creating your materials. In just a few short minutes, you’re all set with images, social posts, a blog post, and more.

The American Express Small Business Saturday website also has a lot of great information that you can use to make sure your event or promotion is a success. (We also have a handy ebook you might like ““ you can get it here!)

Promote your Small Business Saturday involvement with free materials from American Express.

2. Engage with Your (Online) Community

Small Business Saturday is all about community, and what better way to interact and engage with your community than on social media? If you’re holding a Small Business Saturday event, post some behind-the-scenes pictures and videos that showcase what shoppers can expect on the big day. Are you handing out cookies? Get those bad boys on camera! Are you giving out a free tote with every purchase? Make sure to tease that with pictures and posts! If I see that a business is giving away something free, even if it’s a sticker, I will be there.

If your business isn’t participating in Small Business Saturday with an event or promotion, use this opportunity to showcase businesses in your area that are. It’s a great way to cross-promote places near you and build some goodwill around the holidays.

3. Make Sure Your Business Info is as Ready as You Are

This is a great reminder even if you aren’t participating in the day ““ with the holidays coming up, you’ll want to make sure your hours of operation, website, address, phone number, and more are all ready to go so customers can easily contact you from your listings. And, if you are holding a Small Business Saturday event with extended or different business hours, you’ll want to update that everywhere it’s displayed so shoppers know when and where to visit you.

We can’t wait to Shop Small® on Small Business Saturday, and we can’t wait to see what you do to participate or support this day.

For more info on what we do and why we love local, watch this video.

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