Every calendar year in marketing is like a snowflake: no two are exactly alike. Different solutions emerge, trends and insights evolve with consumers “” and new numbers emerge to tell the whole story. Here’s a look at some key marketing statistics for 2018.

2 billion

Messages were exchanged by Facebook Messenger’s 1.3 million users and businesses each month. Thanks to the rise of live chat making businesses available to customers 24/7, as well as platforms like Messenger giving customers a direct line to ask you questions, 2018 continued the trend of seamless communication being used to build trust.


That’s how many people were exposed to a new B2B brand that’s committed to simplifying marketing for local businesses. The launch campaign, which ran throughout September and October, included many interesting stats on the new customer journey – and a game-changing tool that will actually “grade” your businesses marketing. Can you guess who it was?


That’s the average word count of content from webpages that appear on the first page of Google results. Revealed in 2018, this useful tidbit shows us that longer top-notch content tends to do the trick, paired with compelling visuals, are key when it comes to increasing your website performance on search engines.


Besides being one giant leap for our countdown, that’s also the percentage of marketers this year who believed their customers expect personalized experiences. They’re on the right track: local businesses have more resources than ever to tailor services to customers’ needs, so “give the people what they want” is a good mentality to carry into 2019 (and if you find that concept overwhelming, why not send out a client survey and start small?).


That’s the percentage of the world’s mobile data traffic that’ll be attributable to video by 2020. While the cat is already well out of the bag that video should be a core component of any marketer’s strategy, this stat solidifies just how much videos are key to getting your business in front of mobile users.


That’s the percentage of marketing professionals (out of nearly 6,400) that said increasing SEO was their top priority this past year. In response to the challenge of generating more website traffic and leads, companies became wise to the fact that the right keywords in your content and advertising can help more people find you.


We’ve spoken about video thus far, but here’s one of the key figures: in 2018, 54% of people said they wanted to see more video content from marketers. Visual content is not only becoming more popular, but also helping potential customers retain more information. So, if you haven’t already, now’s the time to hop on the video train.


Last, but not least – remember that 12,502,500 number up top? We wouldn’t leave you hanging. It was us, of course!

We can’t wait to see what the marketing statistics look like for 2019. At LOCALiQ we’ve got big plans, including some major technological innovations coming out from our team. This includes a unique tool that can determine the most effective images, colors and design aspects using deep learning and computer vision to optimize your online ads across our dozens of local news sites. Pretty nifty, right? To learn more, check out the latest feature in Adweek!

From all of us at LOCALiQ, we’d like to wish you and yours a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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