Welcome to the best of 2019. We’ve curated a year of top digital advertising trends for the discerning automotive dealer.* This selection of innovative articles is essential for industry leaders who continually seek new ways to advance business and drive revenue.  

For the trendsetting dealer who’s looking to make a statement – and more profit – we invite you to peruse the highlights from these digital advertising and marketing articles (as well as links to the full write-ups and presentations). No computer is complete without this data-packed blog bookmarked. 

*Not all authors agree on trends, stats and insights; but that’s life in the fact lane (get it?). 

8 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2019 

A roundup of what’s rising, falling and changing in social media, SEO and technology:  

  • Facebook may be peaking: it’s dropping in popularity with younger demographics, with 41% of its users over 65 years old. 
  • Instagram is a hit: it’s reached over a billion users, with a huge part of its base under 30 years old.  
  • Verbal interaction with smart devices is up: this can affect searches, because voice searches with Siri/Google/Alexa are different than written ones. 
  • Chatbots are increasing: this specialized software can be used for basic customer support functions, so staff can concentrate on higher level duties.  

14 Top Auto Marketing Trends from Digital Dealer 

Straight from the 27th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo – links to live recordings of industry leaders talking the latest trends in social media, SEO, listings, reviews and reputation management, strategy and best practices, customer experience and creative. Presentations include:  

  • How Dealers Can Use YouTube to Reach In-Market Shoppers  
  • Facebook Q&A: What’s New and How to Get Better Results with Facebook  
  • How to Stop Sabotaging Your Local SEO Results  
  • Online Reviews: More Is Not Always the Answer  
  • Get Your Customers to Love You 365 Days a Year and Maintain the Highest Star Rating in Your Market   
  • 4 Tips to Conquest and Retain More Customers with Personalized, Cross-Channel Marketing  
  • Can You Handle the Truth? Unlock the Secrets Inside Your Modern-Day Shopper’s Mind  
  • Managing the Digital Customer Experience: A Conversation with Porsche and INFINITI  
  • The One Word Nobody is Talking About, CREATIVE!    

ICYMI: Auto Marketing Trends from Digital Dealer 2019 

From Las Vegas to Orlando – links to live recordings from the 26th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, with industry leaders taking on trends in social media, SEO, technology, data, video and strategy. Presentations include:  

  • The 5 Biggest Online Retailing Challenges and How to Profitably Overcome Them – Strategies and Best Practices to Deliver a Frictionless Buying Experience  
  • Will the Real In-Market Shopper Please Stand Up? How to Deploy Data to Better Predict Who Is and Will Be In-Market and Create a Game Plan to Put Customers in Shopping Mode  
  • Bust Data Myths About Online Shopping Behavior – Leveraging Data to Drive Personalized Experiences for Today’s Car Buyers  
  • Digital Word-of-Mouth: The Overlooked Hero During a Slowing Auto Economy – How to Enhance the Customer Feedback Loop to Get More Wins  
  • Become a “YouTube Boss” – How to Create Videos and Market Them for the Best Results  
  • Best Practices and Strategies for Growing Your Dealership with Video  
  • Ron Burgundy’s Breaking SEO News  
  • 5 Digital Marketing Fundamentals that Stand the Test of Time – How These Fundamentals Will Be Applied to the Best, Most Aggressive Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019 and Beyond  
  • What Matters to Millennials in 2019   

A Guide to Digital Advertising in 2019: Responsible Branding, Relatable Campaigns 

Top two takes from this article are critical when developing digital marketing strategies and campaigns: 

  • Relationship marketing, campaigns that work to maintain existing customers and sell a brand as a long-term solution, are more important than ever. Especially because Gen Z doesn’t automatically embrace the idea of brand loyalty for its own sake. Relationship marketing is about keeping people interested in (and satisfied with) the product they like – yours. 
  • Market segmentation is the strategy of producing multiple targeted campaigns that are personalized for specific audience groups (these can be segmented by a number of demographics, past buying patterns, interests, etc.). It often means highlighting different vehicles, different features and different offers to different audiences.   

Automotive Marketing: 9 Strategies to Drive More Sales 

A smart concise checklist of strategies to up your sales. 

  • Build trust with customer reviews: they’re a great automotive marketing strategy. Make sure your reviews are on Yelp, Google, social media and your website. 
  • Get to the top of Google’s SERP (search engine results pages): the first few listings always get the most clicks. A strong Google Ads strategy will do a lot to get you there. 
  • Bid on competitor keywords: bid on your top competitors brand names and create compelling ads to get leads to visit your dealership instead. 
  • Manage negative keywords: this one is a bit more complicated, but know your ads can show up for searches that aren’t relevant to your business. And if someone clicks on them, you still have to pay. We can help with this
  • Adjust campaign budgets based on car-buying trends: figure out when business is busy, steady and slow, then adjust your online advertising budget accordingly. Schedule ads the same way – right before key times, when customers come into the store. Weekends, weekdays, morning, afternoon or evening. 
  • Target the right people with automotive campaigns: for instance, prospects have different concerns, questions, wants and needs, compared to current customers.  
  • Compel shoppers to come into dealership with unique offers. 
  • Use all call features possible: call-only campaigns, call extensions, mobile bid-adjustments, call tracking and more.  
  • Remarket: think display ads, Google Ads and social media.   

Automotive Marketing Consumer Stats You Need to Know in 2019 

Findings from a study of 500 online automotive consumers who’ve purchased a car in the past two years:   

  • Car shoppers 33 years and under are three times more likely to use dealership reviews as part of the research process as those age 55 and above. 
  • Facebook is the most preferred social media research method (70%), with 47% reporting they’ve used Facebook Marketplace when car searching.  
  • Visiting a dealership in-person is the most popular method of researching a vehicle for purchase across all age groups.  

Digital Advertising Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond 

Digital advertising trends – plus emerging technology predictions from Bose’s manager of global media:  

  • 5K technology will transform how consumers use content. 
  • Connected TV and OTT (over the top) advancements will allow customers to interact with ads, resulting in more product placements in streaming video. 
  • AI developments will lead to more personalization in digital video.  

How One Auto Retailer Gets People into the Store by Helping Them at Home 

A case study that follows one dealership’s success story, which included: 

  • Adding a path-to-purchase website tool so customers can complete 80% of the buying process online – for a 23% increase in purchases from online car buyers. 
  • Creating a seamless mobile experience so that – with one tap – customers can call the sales team, schedule service appointments, and get directions. They now have more than 15,000 directions-related visits per month and 12,000 click-to-calls.  
  • Targeting mobile shoppers and shoppers who have recently done a car-related search. Now, one in five people who click one of their paid search ads visit the dealership.  

The Future of Car Buying Is Online 

Video stats: 

  • Ninety-two percent of car shoppers research online before they buy. 
  • Online car shoppers research features, comparisons, lifestyle fit, price ranges and video. 
  • Watch time of test drive videos on YouTube has grown by more than 65% in the past two years. 
  • Sixty-four percent of shoppers who watch online videos when researching say new technology (like 360° video) could convince them to buy a car without a test drive. 

It is the goal of our team of digital marketing professionals to serve dealers who have the determination – but not necessarily the time – to explore what these trends, stats and data points can mean to their business when combined with the transformative power digital advertising and marketing.  

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