Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Automotive Marketing Engines! 


Spring is in the air.  

Flowers are sprouting and grass is getting cut again. 

And most importantly for Louisvillians like me, the Kentucky Derby has concluded for the year, which means spring is really, finally here. But I’m not here to talk about the Derby. To me the Derby and spring means the beginning of  Indianapolis 500  activities in the city of Indianapolis. Our friends two hours to the north. 

Outside of my family, the Indianapolis 500 is my favorite thing in life. I mean, I’ve got the Indianapolis Motor Speedway logo tattooed on my arm. (tweet me  and I’ll prove it!) 

Being the marketing dork I am, I’ve put some thought into what automotive marketing lessons we can learn the Indy 500. Here is what I came up with! 

1. “Be Quick, But Don’t Hurry.” 

A fantastic quote from John Wooden and one that fits in perfectly in the world of the Indy 500 and marketing. 

Being quick is obviously vital to winning the Indy 500. Everything about the race and qualifying leading up to it is about who has the quickest car. But believe it or not, within all of that quickness, patience is the key to winning the race. Not hurrying to pass a car in a less than perfect opportunity or making sure your pit crew doesn’t buckle under pressure. 

Just one slip and the entire race can be lost. 

In the world of automotive marketing you have to be quick and nimble. You will regularly be given deadlines that require efficiency and quick work. 

Many times, the various components of an advertising promotion arrive last minute, and marketers may only have hours if not minutes to finalize the final details of a dealership marketing campaign before the green flag drops. 

And the work doesn’t stop there. Digital advertising campaign optimization requires constant monitoring and adjustments, but also allowing campaigns to test variables over time. 

Any good media partner or automotive marketing agency should be adept at working quickly to get things done while making very few mistakes. At the same time they should be in it for the long haul in partnering with you to grow your dealership. 

2. Preparation Is Key. 

Today, the Indy 500 takes just over 3 hours to complete. However, racing teams have spent years preparing for those three hours. 

Days, weeks and months are spent engineering the car to gain fractions of a second in speed. By the time the green flag waves to start the race, the job for the majority of race team employees is finished. 

A dealership marketing campaign is very similar. If you want to make sure you have a truly successful campaign, whether it last 2 weeks or 6 months, the more preparation you put into it, the more successful it will be. 

For example, a three-day sales event at a dealership is only three days long, but the marketing team has likely spent multiple months planning for it. Creation of printed materials, production of video spots, making sure there is enough product in inventory, and placing all of the media for promotion ahead of and during the three-day campaign. 

Like the start of the Indy 500, when that three-day sales event begins, odds are most of the hard work preparing for that promotion is already completed. If it isn’t, the promotion isn’t going to perform as well as it could or should. When you want to break through and pull ahead of the pack, preparation is key. 

3. You Need an Amazing Team. 

It’s an overused sports analogy but success in both the Indy 500 and in marketing is only achieved if you have a great team of people alongside you. 

Every year the main focus of the Indy 500 revolves around the race car drivers. After all, they’re the ones strapping themselves into a vehicle and driving 230+ MPH inches away from 32 other drivers. However, the greatest race car driver in the world will never win the race without a fantastic race team. 

Just a few years ago, Indy 500 winner Juan Montoya suffered setbacks early in the race. He hit a competitor and had to pit to have a brand-new front wing replaced. Luckily his team worked quickly but didn’t panic, fixing the car and getting him back into the race. 

But beyond this six-person crew, there are hundreds of additional people supporting the race team back at their race shop. Team Penske has won 16 Indianapolis 500s in large part due to their amazing teamwork. 

In automotive marketing, no one person, no matter how talented they are, will execute a blockbuster advertising campaign without a fantastic team. When the collective talents of the team members from strategy to creative to digital to media come together in perfect sync, you can achieve automotive marketing success. 

At LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE team work is key. Our automotive client solutions team digs deep into market share trends and competitive analysis to help dealerships fine-tune their automotive marketing strategy. We also dive deep into the auto buyer’s journey and auto consumer insights, but all of this is just one small piece of the puzzle.  

We rely heavily on our team of digital specialists, client success managers, digital optimizers and graphic designers to make sure our dealership clients receive an automotive marketing campaign that achieves their goals. 

If you would like to learn more about how our team can help your business take the checkered flag in first place let’s talk


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