Consumers are changing ““ many have grown up around technology, and they’re increasingly interested in finding businesses online. And, business owners have changed in similar ways, or are at least looking for ways to adapt to changing consumer behavior.

Which means that”¯innovation is key to attracting new customers and keeping your marketing, and your business, fresh.

Kevin Gentzel, President of USA TODAY”¯NETWORK”¯Marketing Solutions,”¯offers up some innovation and marketing tips on The Growth Lab Show podcast.

“A modern business owner has to have a willingness,”¯and a curiosity, and almost a determination to do things differently,” Kevin said during the podcast episode.

Here are three of the tips he shared.

1.”¯Don’t Neglect What’s Already Working

The first step to innovating is”¯actually a”¯little surprising: Embrace the tactics that have always worked for you. Just like Jeremy Goldman talked about building a solid foundation in your marketing before adopting newer technologies, Kevin says that you should continue doing what’s working for you. And, know that it may not be the most modern solution. If newspaper ads and mailers are getting you good leads, don’t throw that away for something shiny.

2.”¯Bet on What’s Working for Others Today“¯

As a second step toward working up to newer tech,”¯Kevin suggests adopting tactics that are working in today’s world for consumers, which includes social media marketing, SEO, search marketing, and accounting for mobile, if you’re not already. He also talked about how voice search, which was recently thought of as a newer trend, is now mainstream and something your business should be working to accommodate.

3.”¯Embrace New Technologies

Gannett and USA TODAY NETWORK Marketing Solutions have embraced Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in the”¯journalism part of their business”¯and adapted it to help local businesses tell their story. So, it’s becoming a more accessible technology for businesses than ever before. Tactics like geofencing, which allows you to draw a virtual fence around your business and target consumers who enter that “fence” with an ad in apps, and others are being used by businesses both small and large to reach new consumers. And, the amount of technologies businesses”¯have”¯access to are continuing to grow.

Listen to even more from Kevin to hear how we’re using insights, technologies, and data from the USA TODAY NETWORK to innovate marketing and help local businesses reach local customers on The Growth Lab Show on iTunes or our website. And, download the Lab Notes to put these tips into action right away.

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