We have already covered four key steps to make your dealership marketing more efficient: Understand Your CustomersUnderstand Your Business GoalsUnderstand Your Insights and Understand Audience Targeting


The final step in making your dealership marketing more efficient requires both patience and persistence as you apply learnings from your dealership advertising campaign reporting and tracking with an eye towards continuous optimization


Monitoring and optimizing dealership marketing campaigns takes an investment of time. Even when you have a marketing resource in-house, ad campaign optimization can be pretty time consuming on top of managing web leadslocal listingssocial media channels and third-party site listings. 

If you must prioritize one thing with your campaign optimization efforts, make it this: above all else, your marketing or advertising campaigns should be helping you reach your key business goal. Because if your marketing is not moving you towards your ultimate goal, why bother, right? 


Establish metrics which identify if your campaign is generating the right kind of brand awareness, leads or engagement. Whichever key performance indicators you choose should be aligned with your specific business goal and dealership marketing strategy. So, pick the right KPI and focus on that.  


Don’t ignore other metrics but know which one is pointing you in the right direction. Monitor the metric you chose and identify areas for improvement as you optimize you advertising campaigns through testing


Examples of Optimization Testing: 

  • Test and adjust specific audience criteria (more on this in part 4 of this series). 

  • Adjust creative and determine if you can increase conversions through small changes – sometimes changing even a call to action wording can reap big rewards. 

  • Look at timing of delivery or posting as well – with both organic and paid social ads you can fine tune the best time to post or schedule ads based on performance and monitoring when your audience is most active. 

  • Evaluate sources for sales across the multiple points where customers have seen your dealership marketing or advertising. Test adjusting budget spend across tactics. 


See what performs better over time and go from there. Apply those learnings in a virtuous cycle of continuous optimization, so you can effectively move key metrics and maximize your dealership marketing ROI. 


Obviously, this takes a ton of time, however the result is better informed decision making towards a more efficient advertising spend and a smarter marketing strategy. Plus, it makes your life a whole lot easier, when you can make a decision based on real results. 


Don’t have campaign insights to inform from the start? If you work with an automotive marketing partner, they should be able to share what is working for dealerships like yours in similar markets.  


We can help with that – our dealership marketing campaigns are informed by learnings from thousands of digital advertising campaigns for dealerships across the country. We even have data scientists who inform ad creative design. And we know auto shoppers inside and out


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you navigate audience targeting for dealership marketing campaign success. 


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