Ever feel stuck in really being able to pinpoint what works in your automotive marketing strategy? Trying to maximize your advertising spend because your dealership marketing budget has shrunk? 

We have 5 easy steps to help you make your dealership marketing more efficient.  

By understanding your customers, your dealership specific business goals and how learnings at the intersection of insights and goals can improve audience targeting and campaigns, you can make your dealership marketing more efficient for better automotive marketing ROI. 

Defining an effective automotive marketing strategy can feel overwhelming, especially when you have so much on your plate day to day. Taking the time to walk through these steps can help you focus your dealership marketing strategy and get to more efficient advertising spend, both of which can simplify your life. 

In this blog series, we cover five steps to make your dealership marketing more efficient. Click on each title below for more: 


  1. Understand Your Customers

To better understand how to more efficiently reach your target audience of new prospective customers, it’s a good idea to start by understanding your existing customers. Don’t stop there – work to understand the differences between customer subgroups: more recent vehicle buyers to cultivate into loyal service customers vs. lapsed customers with older model vehicles likely to respond to a trade-in offer. 


  1. Understand Your Business Goals 

To build a better dealership marketing strategy you need to think about how it can help you address key business needs. Your marketing strategy is a roadmap that leads you towards achieving your dealership’s business goals. Based on your key business goal, identify which customer subgroup needs attention, or where growth will help you meet your goal. This is, of course, not always the same thing, so pay attention to what insight can best help you reach your goal. This will help shape your marketing strategy.  


  1. Understand Your Insights

Market research and customer data can provide valuable guidance when paired with an analysis of your business goals. A few words of wisdom: don’t be overwhelmed by data. Instead focus on key auto insights that help you truly understand your customers. Apply learnings from market share and competitive data trends. Understand how to apply data by looking at those insights from an audience targeting perspective.  


  1. Understand Audience Targeting 

The double positive of customer insights and audience targeting can help your dealership marketing campaigns be more effective at reaching and connecting with customers, and also be more efficient by focusing on the right tactics and audience for your goals. Your automotive marketing strategy should focus on targeted tactics designed to move a specific audience to action. Digital marketing and advertising typically offer more options and functionality within audience targeting (and tracking) than traditional advertising, but you can also track offline marketing with call tracking numbers. And, of course, all of this also enables the ability to test, test, test! 


  1. Understand Campaign Optimization 

Don’t stop with customer insights and audience targeting. By tracking the impact of your dealership marketing campaigns, you can then allow for further testing and optimization. Optimize to maximize your marketing ROI, by applying what you learn from monitoring and testing your digital advertising and marketing campaigns. And keep applying learnings in a virtuous cycle of continuous optimization. 

Combining all of this leads you to more targeted digital advertising campaigns, and thereby more efficient dealership marketing.  

Don’t know where to start? We can help – our dealership marketing campaigns are informed by learnings from thousands of digital advertising campaigns for dealerships across the country.  


Contact us to find out more about how we can help you achieve dealership marketing campaign success. 


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