Businesses are brought to life by the people involved with them, and in order to generate new business, you have to find creative ways to capture people’s attention. Live events are a crucial part of this process. I love events for the simple fact that they allow you to develop new opportunities to accelerate your sales funnel and grow your brand, and who doesn’t like to make more money?

In fact, 95% of marketers believe live events give the opportunity to form in-person connections in an increasingly digital world while strengthening relationships and building brand awareness. The truth is, overall marketing budgets continue to decrease for organizations, and while that may be a bummer, there has been an increase in demand generation budgets where events are included. #winning

So, if you aren’t incorporating events into your marketing strategy, you’re missing the boat. It’s time to hop onboard and understand the value events bring to the table and what they can do to revolutionize your business and bring in many more dollar signs.

Not Everybody is a Lead

Events have the capability to generate qualified leads for the top of the funnel by targeting high value customers. What’s a high value customer? These are the clients you dream of late at night when you’re picturing your business thriving while you sit on a beach somewhere sipping Mai Tai’s. They are the the people who have a higher net worth and a more frequent purchase volume. In other words, you want them, and you want them now!

In order to generate these leads, you need to understand who your target audience is so, you can attract the right type of attendee. Build out personas by answering these questions:

  • Where do they live?
  • What do they do?
  • Where do they hangout?
  • What are they looking to gain?

This important step helps define your event’s value proposition and create synergetic marketing materials that speak their language. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them!

Content that Kills

There is nothing worse than opening your inbox to an invitation to what you think is a really cool event, all to discover none of the information in that invite makes sense or correlates in any way. This type of content can kill your marketing strategy and completely take a qualified lead on a detour away from your business.

Let’s think about that for a second. You have already created your event personas, so now you have to imagine the main reasons they would want to attend your event. Then, channel that reason into your marketing messaging. This is their first impression of your business and an opportunity for you to build trust. In developing a strong message, you add value to your event, increase curiosity, and lead them to register. It’s a win for everyone!

Registration Page Fails

In today’s day and age, the human attention span lasts anywhere from 7-10 seconds, and in that amount of time, you have to catch your event goers’ interest. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “How the H-E-double-hockey-sticks am I supposed to do that?”

Let me lay it out on the table for you. Here are some quick tips:

  • Less is More
    • Don’t overwhelm people with too much information.
    • Use bullet points to highlight the key elements.
    • Keep your font consistent.
    • Add relevant links to the copy.
  • Choose Images Wisely
    • Use images of your event space to pique interest.
    • Include photos of attendees having fun.
    • Invest in quality event photos.
  • Start with the Important Details at the Top
    • Date, location, and time are most important.
    • Immediately have a CTA (call to action) to follow.
    • Highlight the CTA button with a standout color.
  • Optimization is Your Friend
    • Use keyword tools.
    • Make sure your URL matches.
    • Include search terms in your copy.
  • Keep the Checkout Process as Simple as Possible

Goals & Budgets

News flash! Events aren’t exactly cheap to host, and in order to make them successful, you have to know how you are measuring that success. Create a great plan that allows you to justify the spend, stay on track of the goals, and develop an accurate budget. You can’t just spend money to spend it, unfortunately.

Based off the type of event you are hosting; you want to set metrics for the number of leads and registrations. Then, calculate your target cost per lead, and that will help you determine how much to spend on the event and promotion.

The Power in the Follow-Up

So, they attended the event, they had a great time, and they are highly intrigued by your business. Score! Now it’s time to follow-up. This is where the majority of people lose the opportunity. Having a post-event nurture plan is incredibly important and a critical step in the lead generation process.

Prompt follow up is the key to delivering a successful ROI from your event. Be sure to sync up with your sales team to ensure they understand the next steps and value of the attendees. A winning event is a win for everyone involved.

Try incorporating these into your next post-event plan:

  • Send a survey to gain insight into the attendees’ experience.
  • Hand-write thank you notes.
  • Incorporate a drip campaign with your lead management system.
  • Set a time to follow up in person.

All these tools help to develop quality leads that increase revenue and grow your business. Let the planning begin!

Want to attend one of our events? We’ve got you covered!