The auto industry is gearing up for big plans in 2020. Whether its capitalizing on Super Bowl ads, new strategies for auto shows, or finding ways to maximize incoming revenue – dealers are making sure they’re adapting with the changing times.  

With all these updates going on, you don’t want to get left behind. Stick with us to make sure you’re catching all the latest automotive news! 

Audi to Launch New Campaign at Super Bowl 

Audi has announced they will be using coveted ad space during the Super Bowl to launch their new global ad campaign. No specifics have been shared on what the creative details will include, but the campaign is to focus on revamping the company’s German marketing slogan, which translates to “progress through technology.” 

This will make Audi’s eleventh appearance in Super Bowl ads, but this time through their new partnership with ad agency 72andSunny Amsterdam. As reported by Automotive News, Audi makes the fourth auto brand to announce a Super Bowl ad buy, and all brands so far happen to be owned by the VW Group. Check out the full list of Super Bowl ads here to see which brands will be present. 

Honda Embraces Auto Shows 

While we are seeing some brands pull back from auto shows, Honda is showing up in full force and taking a unique approach. Their news focus targets the consumer perspective, creating a flagship showroom experience for potential buyers. The stand features a park-like setting with interactive stations. Buyers can speak to product experts about topics such as safety ratings, eco-friendly options, and available accessories. 

Automotive News reports the stand offers an optimistic alternative to the traditional look and feel: “You look around the rest of the hall, and it’s kind of dark and brooding. So, we literally wanted to be like a bright, shining beacon. The main focus of this is to give people an environment to shop for cars.” 

This new strategy offers a true brand immersion experience for consumers and gives brands the opportunity to make it onto the shortlist for upcoming buyers. 

Used Inventory Strategy 

Buyer demand is strong in the used vehicle market, which means competition is fierce among dealers. Automotive News caught up with dealership executive James Boening, who said they’ve shifted to a purely digital approach. Rather than attending auctions, they have one employee whose sole role is to monitor multiple digital auctions every day.  

Platforms such as Manheim’s Mainheim Express and ADESA’s TradeRev allow dealerships to make inventory trades without ever leaving their own lots. While remote inventory acquisition does require confidence in the seller, it allows dealers to operate more efficiently and helps to combat margin compression. This method also widens the pool of vehicles they have to choose from, which helps to even the playing field between small and large sized dealerships.