Grab your sunscreen and flip-flops. We’re heading to the beach to see what it can teach us about automotive marketing. Who knows? You might even be able to write it off as a business expense.  

Actually, it’s more of a metaphor. The beach represents the shifting sands of automotive marketing – and the ebb and flow of a dealership’s leads and sales. But there are ways to maximize customer loyalty; optimize dealership marketing; and free up time so you can hit the beach. A real one. 

So, when jumping into the somewhat formidable waters of automotive marketing, consider these beach-proven tips:   

  • Plant your umbrella and protect your place in the sun. 
  • And the marketplace.  
  • Do your homework, even if it’s a vacation.  
  • (What do you think keeps TripAdvisor and Yelp in business?) 
  • Kick back and take it easy.  
  • Save yourself the hassle and partner with marketing pros.  

Claim Your Space in the Sun – and the Marketplace   

Stake out the beach and plant your umbrella in the best place possible. Just like your dealership location, people constantly compete over good spots – and good customers.  

The same strategy works on the sand as off it, hunker down and fight for what’s yours. Because every customer represents a lifetime of opportunity – service, parts and more vehicles. Don’t give your competition an inch:   

  • Spend a significant amount of your budget targeting current customers 
  • Remind customers why your dealership is a great place to shop 
  • Get solid data so your marketing campaigns can be efficient and effective   
  • Know your market and what zip codes to go after – and what sells where 
  • Reach out to drive sales in “outside” areas with promising buying patterns  

Sifting through all the flotsam to find just the right data is key when defending your territory. And our team is on full alert, ready to deliver the info you need.  

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Make Sure the Water Is Safe – Do Your Homework 

Whenever dipping your toes into something new, it’s smart to do your homework and read up on what you’re dealing with first. What dangers lurk in the waters? A school of hungry media sharks? An undertow of dissatisfied car buyers? A rip tide of cut-throat competition? And even if you’ve worked the area before, things change so quickly, you might not even recognize it.  

To make sure you don’t end up just treading water, check out these best practices for navigating automotive marketing: 

Our team can help your team with each and every one of these dealership marketing expeditions.  

Kick Back and Partner with Marketing Pros  

You can’t hit the beach and truly relax unless you’re working with someone who knows what’s what. Experts who can make sure your dealership marketing reaches the right people with the right message – and that it’s delivered to the right beach. Audience and location matter – in the surf and in your strategy. 

When you’re ready to go off the grid, partner with professionals who can monitor – and continuously optimize – your dealership marketing campaigns. They can help increase awareness, engagement and leads for your dealership through optimization testing, which includes: 

  • Fine-tuning target audience criteria 
  • Trying different creative – images, headlines and calls-to-action  
  • Changing time of delivery or posting   
  • Adjusting ad spend according to source of sales 

The test results provide data for future campaigns, which helps maximize your dealership marketing ROI. 

Our team has directed thousands of marketing campaigns for auto dealerships across the country. Let us help you navigate the tricky waters of today’s competitive market – and prepare for what’s ahead on the digital horizon.  

Beach Takeaways  

Usually, you walk away from a beach vacation with sunburn, sand in your suitcase and a scary sum on your credit card. You get none of that here. Just great takeaways about competition, best practices and optimization: 

  • Stake yourself firmly in the sand and protect your space from rivals  
  • Do your homework so you know what’s hiding in the automotive marketing waters  
  • Find a partner who’ll deliver marketing expertise so you can rest easy  

Take a vacation from worrying about digital marketing. Partner with experts so you can make the most of your time at the dealership. And the beach, or wherever else you go to get away from it all.    

Contact us to learn how your dealership can ride our wave of success with automotive marketing.  

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