Companies spend a great deal of time and resources leveraging their website to attract and engage with customers. Capturing the interest of today’s job seekers requires that same proactive nurturing approach, while also providing an online experience that makes your brand stand out.

For many of today’s job seekers, a company’s website is often the first place they go to when researching a prospective employer. In fact, according to the LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT Journey Survey, a company’s website is the most popular online resource used by job seekers. Additionally, while job seekers actively pursuing new opportunities were more likely to use job boards, passive job seekers were more likely to use a company’s website (17%) to look into a company they’re considering joining.

With today’s competitive job candidate market, it’s critical that an employers’ website experience and functionality is second to none. That’s why the recruitment experts at LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT have provided website optimization tips for employers to maximize the recruiting potential of their website. Using the right strategies and digital tools, you can transform your website into a robust recruitment tool that attracts and engages qualified and enthusiastic talent.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Website Design is Intuitive for Prospective Employees 

A well-designed website, with intuitive navigation and easy-to-find content, is a must for any company looking to attract good candidates to fill their open positions. While this may sound obvious, many sites still don’t offer a Careers page or they bury it in a difficult-to-find location. If hiring is a priority for you, put a clearly labeled tab or link on your homepage, and fill the section with everything a job-seeker might need, including online applications, information about benefits and “perks,” and even a calendar of networking events and job fairs.

Tip #2: Include Content That Tells Your Brand Story & Connects with Job Seekers

Positive employer branding is an essential component of any recruitment strategy, and your website is the perfect place to showcase your company brand and culture. In addition to the basics (benefits, executive bios, corporate values and mission, company history), offer links to your blog and social media pages, and consider adding video: possibly a virtual tour of the office, interviews with existing employees about their experience working for the company, and even some footage of a company-sponsored social event. Remember, you have to sell candidates on your workplace culture just as much as they have to sell you on their abilities.

Tip #3: Employ Technology That Simplifies the Application Process

Today’s job seekers expect website experiences that offer instant access to the information they want and need. If your website has too many hoops to jump through, candidates will move on. Including the right mix of advanced tools like a live chat feature will keep candidates engaged and informed – in real-time.

Until fairly recently, live chat support was a top-shelf feature that was only affordable to large corporations. In today’s market, it’s readily available and affordable for businesses of all sizes, and job seekers now expect and demand it. Providing live chat support that connects with job candidates in real-time can be an effective way to not only screen candidates, but also impress them with your willingness to answer questions and provide resources immediately.

Tip #4: Know How Job Seekers are Searching for Opportunities — On Mobile

Having a mobile-first site is imperative as more searches are conducted on mobile devices than on desktops. Not have a mobile-optimized website can send interested applicants elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean that your mobile site is just a smaller version of the desktop site. Mobile is an entirely different experience, so employers should ensure that their mobile-optimized website looks and functions well on any device.

As the old cliché goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That especially holds true for today’s employers looking to find the very best candidates. A company’s website has the power to either drive away or to entice job seekers. Having an effective digital marketing strategy will help you accomplish the latter.

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