Happy birthday, Gmail! Can you believe it has been 15 years since Google launched Gmail? The messaging service launched on April 1, 2004, but it was no April Fool’s joke. Gmail has transformed the way we communicate professionally and personally and did it all before the first iPhone was created, Instagram was a relevant platform, and Twitter was alive.

It’s hard to remember a time that we weren’t able to keep up with colleagues and friends through an organized conversation thread.

Let’s go back to the beginning! Check out this video on how far Gmail has come:

Did You Know?

Email is one of the most common digital communication methods worldwide. In 2018, Gmail had 1.5 billion active users. Can you imagine how many people have integrated email as part of their everyday life today?

In fact, 51% of consumers check their personal email every few hours during the workday.

Email Takes First Place

When it comes to online activity, search is number two and email communication takes first place. It’s safe to say email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And to keep the popularity of email going strong, Gmail has more to announce than just turning 15.

Gmail is celebrating by sharing the details of the latest and greatest Gmail update. Most of the improvements are focused on making the user experience easier and more assistive. Some of the main Gmail update features include an AI-powered feature that helps you write emails quicker, schedule emails to be sent, and the ability to respond to a comment thread in Google Docs. Way to step up the user experience, Gmail!

Does Email Really Still Matter?

If you’re not already convinced that email still matters, think about the email addresses you’ve had throughout your life. If you’re like me, you have at least three (that’s not a lot, right?) that you stay loyal to and dedicate each one to receiving different types of emails. Whether it’s updates from my favorite tech brand, sale announcements from clothing stores, or Facebook notifications, I know which inbox to check for the information I want.

Email is on desktop, mobile, and is checked one to three times a day by 44% of people in the US and Canada. So yes, you could say email is still relevant today!

What Does This Mean for Businesses?

An email address is a direct line of communication from a business to a consumer. With an email list, you will always have a way of reaching consumers directly. Think of email marketing as a way to give consumers exclusive information about your business, upcoming events, new products, and sales directly to their inbox.

Email servers, like Gmail, will continue to announce new features and easier ways for users to navigate and communicate. And while they continue to thrive, business owners should take advantage this and reach consumes with targeted email marketing.

If you’re wanting to grow awareness of your brand, advertise in your local community, and communicate with customers directly, email marketing is a great tool to add to your marketing strategy.

Give us a call to learn how we can help you with the ins and outs of effective targeted email marketing.

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