These last few months have been interesting, to say the least, and we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic with uncertainty around when it will end. For most businesses, this has presented a whole new set of challenges around how to operate, communicate with consumers, and market themselves.

One business, Brookfield Residential, an industry-leading home builder in Central Texas, encountered these challenges beginning in early March when the coronavirus pandemic reached their area. They quickly had to find ways to continue serving their residents and prospective residents safely without sacrificing the high level of care they pride themselves on offering.

One area they didn’t have to worry about? Their marketing. Because they’ve been working with LOCALiQ over the last four years for full-service marketing solutions including digital campaigns, branding, and creative, they knew they could rely on the LOCALiQ team to audit their existing marketing materials, make updates to their messaging, and pivot their strategy where needed based on Brookfield’s operation plans.

We talked with Brookfield Residential Marketing Manager Christy Williams about her experience partnering with our team and how that partnership supported them during this time.

Christy, tell us a little bit about why Brookfield Residential started working with LOCALiQ about four years ago?

Working with LOCALiQ presented a one-stop-shop for our digital efforts. LOCALiQ runs all our digital marketing efforts, from creation and implementation to reporting on those efforts, and they’re also our creative agency, so they do copywriting and work with our media planning team, so we know they’re out there in the right spaces in the right time frames.

It keeps things streamlined and simple.

What has working with our team been like for you?

The solutions that LOCALiQ creates on a regular basis for us are the basis of our marketing portfolio – they’re extremely important, and a very important part of our marketing strategy. I think that with the holistic approach, the whole team is very in sync. That’s been a huge piece of this because it really takes a huge pressure off me.

And I really do value their opinions and input. They’ve just been so great to jump in quickly and seamlessly.

Switching gears a little: I know the pandemic has obviously impacted the way Brookfield is doing business. Tell us about that. 

We’ve really had to accelerate our efforts to innovate and make the shopping experience easier for customers. There’s the need to really tell that story online rather than having people in person to speak with.

LOCALiQ has really helped us shift our messaging quite quickly to ensure we’re appropriately addressing our customers.

What was that like when this all started?

The team jumped right in to turn around and help us put together a campaign that feels more appropriate for right now. They reviewed everything we had out there in the digital space to make sure we weren’t missing the mark in terms of addressing what everyone is going through right now

I know it’s been a challenge, but have you learned anything from making these quick changes?

The interesting thing for me is that people are really resilient. The community is very resilient. There have been some very uplifting moments. It’s been a real shining point for me, especially as a marketer who’s talking about community right now.

The fact that even in a challenging time there are ways to find new solutions and new ways of doing things is inspiring.

That’s such a great takeaway during such a rough time. And we always love to hear that our team is able to help make some of those challenges a little better.

Yeah, it’s been a very supportive group, and they’re truly invested in us and the outcomes of the solutions they provide for us. They’re truly a partner in helping us reach our goals.

Watch our video interview featuring Christy below, and check out Brookfield Residential’s full case study to learn more about their solutions and results.