Even for items that are usually purchased in-person like cars, you must meet the needs of online auto shoppers. Whether or not your used car inventory can be purchased on your website, used car dealerships need to ensure digital-focused auto shoppers and info-hungry researchers can find their dealership—and what they want to know—online.  


Your dealership online visibility is so important to having an effective digital marketing strategy and reaching the right prospective customers when they’re searching. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of that moment your dealership website is found by someone researching a used car purchase. 


Mobilize Your Dealership Website 

Your website is a core part of your dealership online visibility. Not only are people shopping and browsing online, they’re doing so on all their screens. From tablets to smartphones, your dealership website needs to look great and function well across devices. With 18% of auto shoppers using only mobile devices and 53% using multiple devices while researching, you need to ensure your dealership website is responsive. 


Make Your VDPs Informative 

When it comes to new car browsing, auto buyers can make a lot of headway online. They can simply go to the manufacturer website to compare features and even build their ideal vehicle down to the trim level. With used cars, it’s not as easy for consumers to do their research online. Sure they can browse, but finding reviews specific to that model year may not be as easy to find, let alone comparisons on which used makes and models had specific features for what year.  


So, why not make it easy. For each vehicle on your lot, take photos of every feature and angle and consider making a video tour of the interior and exterior, perhaps even taking viewers on a test drive. All of this great content will amp up your dealership online visibility, so you can be found. 


Make Prices Easily Accessible 

When it comes to generating leads, it can seem counterintuitive to post pricing on your website. After all, especially with used car sales, price is often negotiable and can be a starting point for conversations that focus on features, benefits, financing, and dealership perks. But online shoppers want instant gratification, and they may stray to another website if they don’t get it. 


If you’re not comfortable posting your sticker or “internet” price online, be sure to make getting pricing as easy as possible for consumers. Take it beyond “call for a quote,” and make it as easy as pressing a button with a simple lead form or web chat. And remember, many consumers would rather converse via email or webchat than by phone. 


Get Found with Digital Advertising 

Once you’ve mastered your dealership online visibility (from ensuring your website is search engine optimized to managing your local listings and review management), it’s time to raise your brand’s profile and drive leads and awareness with digital advertising.  


Affordable options exist for used car dealerships with targeted digital display, search marketing, email marketing and social ads. 

  • Targeted Display Advertising: Don’t let prospects forget about you! Stay top-of-mind throughout the auto buyer journey with targeted display. Reach potential customers before they’re in-market, when they’re researching and when they’re ready to buy. Did you know 69.4% of auto digital ads are on mobile? There’s a reason for that, so make sure to include mobile and not just desktop in your targeting. 

  • Search Marketing: You want to be found wherever local auto shoppers are searching. Maximize your efforts with efficient search marketing campaigns. 

  • Email Marketing: Whether it’s a monthly incentive, a sales event or a service special, email marketing can help you more efficiently send a direct marketing message to a targeted audience. 

  • Social Media Ads: When you deploy social media advertising with a clear focus on results, your investment can efficiently drive customers to your showroom. 

We Can Help 

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