In case you missed the Digital Dealer trade show – or even if you made it to Orlando, but not all the sessions you’d set your sights on. Here’s your chance to catch the best and brightest marketing intel our industry offered up.  

After combing more than 85 Digital Dealer sessions, we created this list of top auto marketing trends with links to the presentation recordings. This year’s speakers focused on a wide range of subjects, including: 

  • Technology 

  • Data 

  • Social media 

  • Video 

  • SEO 

  • Strategy 



Speakers tackled auto marketing trends and the challenges of keeping up with technology; determining the feasibility of technologies for dealerships; and leveraging technologies for profitability.  

New Technologies in Automotive: Do You Need Them or Not? Discover Which Emerging Technologies You Really Need to Crush It in 2019! 

  • Discover new technologies.  

  • Determine if it makes sense to invest in these tools for your dealership.   

The 5 Biggest Online Retailing Challenges and How to Profitably Overcome Them – Strategies and Best Practices to Deliver a Frictionless Buying Experience 

  • Learn the five biggest challenges to effective online retailing. 

  • Explore the strategies to overcome these challenges. 




Sessions covered auto marketing trends that use data to analyze online behavior and predict who’s really in-market. And a couple myths were busted along the way.   

Will the Real In-Market Shopper Please Stand Up? How to Deploy Data to Better Predict Who Is and Will Be In-Market and Create a Game Plan to Put Customers in Shopping Mode 

  • Identify the demographic and psychographic segments relevant to your market. 

  • Deploy data segments to better predict who is or will be in-market.   

Bust Data Myths About Online Shopping Behavior – Leveraging Data to Drive Personalized Experiences for Today’s Car Buyers 

  • Identify an effective data and personalization marketing strategy for your dealership. 

  • Learn behaviors and triggers that show automotive shoppers are ready to turn into car buyers.   


Social Media 


Social media presenters didn’t start and stop with Facebook – they covered Google, Pandora and even digital word-of-mouth. Sessions also focused on everything from auto marketing trends best practices to policy changes you need to know about.    

Leveraging Digital Advertising to Conquer Your Market: Insight Direct from Google, Facebook and Pandora 

  • Learn best practices for Google, Facebook and Pandora.  

  • Gain insight on key metrics and tracking ROI with Google, Facebook and Pandora.   

Digital Word-of-Mouth: The Overlooked Hero During a Slowing Auto Economy – How to Enhance the Customer Feedback Loop to Get More Wins 

  • Understand the impact of recent review policy changes and use them to your advantage. 

  • Build processes to enhance your dealership’s reputation, not just “manage” online reviews. 

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Presenters shared best practices for creating, posting and sending videos that trend and drive sales.  

Become a “YouTube Boss” – How to Create Videos and Market Them for the Best Results 

  • Learn what videos get the most views and drive more sales calls. 

  • Learn how to set up a YouTube channel so your videos get maximum views.   

Best Practices and Strategies for Growing Your Dealership with Video 

  • Learn how to use video in your dealership by seeing how other dealerships do it. 

  • Learn best practices for recording and sending video emails. 

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Don’t act like you’re not impressed… Ron Burgundy’s Breaking SEO News? It’s kind of a big deal, so click on the link below.   

Ron Burgundy’s Breaking SEO News 

  • Learn how mobile search success relies on local SEO. 

  • Learn advanced tactics for optimizing your website, building links and using reviews to boost local relevancy.   

Human-Centered Search Strategies – Understand How Consumers Search and Develop a Framework to Deliver Content that Resonates 

  • Identify what content resonates best with prospective customers to improve search results and lead generation. 

  • Analyze your website’s search performance and apply tactics to improve problem areas. 

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We always hear about how quickly digital advertising is changing, but at least one presenter maintained that certain fundamentals stay the same. On the other hand, there were also auto marketing trends that included insights into millennials and their unique preferences.  

5 Digital Marketing Fundamentals that Stand the Test of Time – How These Fundamentals Will Be Applied to the Best, Most Aggressive Digital Marketing Strategies in 2019 and Beyond 

  • Learn how top dealerships abide by five core marketing fundamentals, even as the industry and market around them change. 

  • Learn how these fundamentals will be applied to the best, most aggressive digital marketing strategies in 2019.   

What Matters to Millennials in 2019 

  • Gain insight into how preferences differ amongst millennials, by gender, income and family status. 

  • Learn how knowing these preferences can make your sales team more efficient and effective.   

Looking for more auto marketing trends that pique your interest? Check out recordings of all the presentations at Digital Dealer 26: Sessions & Speakers. Until next year! 

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