The world of employment is changing more quickly than ever before. There are more people working remotely in distributed teams, and more companies are hiring internationally. The path to signing an employment contract can seem more difficult than it was in years past, while some companies are struggling to find the right candidate for a role.  

We spoke to LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT Director of Employment Sales, John Cherba, to find out how he’s helping businesses grow by finding great talent in this ever-changing landscape.  

What do you like most about working in recruitment? 

I’ve been working with LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT for just over four years, but I’ve worked with Gannett for 18 years. One thing I love about working for a media company like Gannett is that we don’t tell people what to think, but what to think about. In its most basic form, what we do here is help local businesses fill open positions, knowing that people are the number one resource. But we’re also helping people find jobs, which contributes to their local community. That’s what gets me up in the morning! 

Have you noticed any new trends in the recruitment landscape in the past year? 

In the United States, there are currently more jobs open than there are active job seekers, so it can be challenging for employers to fill their positions. That’s probably the biggest shift, there are not as many active job seekers out there. That means you need to target both active and passive candidates, those people who might not be looking but who would consider moving for the right role.  

Another shift we’re seeing, especially with millennials, is that it’s not always about money. It’s more about getting behind a cause, and a purpose.  

How can companies make their employer brand stand out from the crowd? 

Companies need to highlight their purpose beyond day-to-day work, like a commitment to their local community. If your company supports local organizations or a specific non-profit, make sure it’s known. What opportunities are there for your employees to get involved? Employee “give-back” days are a great idea, they help with employee retention as well as acquisition.  

Here in Indianapolis, one of the larger employers is Eli Lilly & Company and on certain days you’ll see their employees with their red t-shirts on out there doing good community service.  That’s great for employees and good for brand visibility too.  

Working environment and location also matters – does your company offer flexibility, like telecommuting? Are you close to transport links – you need to make sure your location has value as well. Do you have fitness facilities on site or a relationship with the local Y or a local fitness club? In our offices, we have a couple of basketball goals set up for our employees! These are all things to consider when developing an employer brand.  

What pitfalls do companies need to be aware of when it comes to recruiting candidates in 2019? 

It’s not new, but companies need to be aware that everything’s out there, the good and the bad. We know that typically job seekers look at 16 different sources when looking for a new role, and that includes review sites like Glassdoor. The first thing job seekers do is look for a company’s reputation. If someone leaves a negative review on an employee review site, you have to make sure that you’re out in front of that and responding.  

How can companies make sure they are reaching the best talent in their vertical? 

Today, there’s more on offer than just traditional sources like Indeed or ZipRecruiter. To attract talented candidates, you need to get into social media and industry groups. Make sure you have a presence there, demonstrate that your organization is a thought leader in an industry or champions a particular cause. There are also conferences and making sure that some of your leaders are speaking to potential candidates. Taking the time to reach out pays off. Share the good news, I don’t think people do that enough.  

How will LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT help the average business owner? 

We’ve got the power of intelligent data behind all the tools we create. We help businesses by using insights from thousands of recruitment campaigns to create smart recruitment marketing strategies that drive the recruitment experience for both the job seeker and the employer.  As I said before, for me, helping people find their next great job is what I love doing. 

You know, we’ve worked hard to simplify recruitment marketing for our clients with a complete set of solutions that will build their employment brand and find talent they need. From hosting career websites and managing online and offline ads to monitoring their presence on review sites and leveraging social media platforms to reach new audiences, our clients can really do it all with us as their one partner. It’s a game changer. 

Get in touch today to find out how LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT can help you acquire the talent your business needs.