Let’s talk summer sales strategy… Think it’s too early? Too late? Actually, it’s a little of both, according to Google. They recommend sales messaging be in-market up to three weeks before and one week after the event. Which means pre-Memorial Day might be a stretch, but you’ve still got plenty of time to nail down 4th of July, Back-to-School and Labor Day campaigns.  


It’s definitely worth the effort, when you consider the dealership sales event findings around in-market auto shoppers: 

  • According to 55% of in-market shoppers, the best time to buy a vehicle is at sales events. (Mintel, Car Purchasing Process, US Report, Jun 2018.) 

  • Vehicle sales spike as much as 31% above average around sales events. (J.D. Power and Associates, Power Information Network) 


So, what’s the best way to maximize your dealership summer sales promotions? Start with these three steps:  

  • Get ready: update your online presence 

  • Get social: create social ads and dynamic creative   

  • Get on target: expand target audiences and messaging  


Get Ready: Update Your Online Presence 

Before launching summer sales marketing campaigns that drive in-market shoppers to your website, social media and listings, make sure you’ve prepped for virtual visitors. 

  • Doublecheck everything for accuracy – hours, phone numbers, images, addresses, etc. Out-of-date information frustrates shoppers and can introduce doubt about a dealership’s attention to details.  

  • Create “summer promotions excitement” – include photos and messaging that tie into summer sales event marketing.  

  • Respond to recent online reviews – both positive and negative, address negative reviews respectfully and try to resolve issues or misunderstandings.  


Remember, listings and review management are part of a dealership marketing comprehensive SEO strategy – and we can help


Get Social: Create Social Ads and Dynamic Creative 

Know where in-market online shoppers are researching – and searching for – their next vehicles. And have ads for your dealership’s summer sales events there to greet them.  


Start with Facebook:  

  • Research: 70% of auto shoppers prefer Facebook for researching a dealership or brand, making it the top social media site for online research. 

  • Search: 47% of auto shoppers say they’ve used Facebook Marketplace to search for a vehicle.   

  • Retarget: use dynamic creative to retarget customers with inventory they’ve already researched or searched.  


YouTube reaches 89% of in-market shoppers before they walk onto a dealership lot, which is more than broadcast, cable or streaming. Excluding YouTube, the highest in each category is ABC at 53%, Fox at 33% and Hulu at 23%, according to the Google report. Getting your dealership video ads on YouTube can be a great way to reach in-market consumers. 


Ready to start working on social ads for your summer sales promotions? Check out these best practices.  


Get on Target: Expand Target Audiences and Messaging  

Focus on targeting the right audience with the right message at the right location. You’ve heard that before, right? But there’s more than one audience, message and location – and getting those right relies on high-quality data.  

  • Target in-market shoppers and make incentives/summer sales event messaging the focus – these rank 66% in importance for auto buyers, according to our survey. Keep in mind that dealership reputation and service rank 75%. 

  • Use summer sales events as an opportunity to invite previous customers to your dealership to check out new models – and highlight trade-in offers.  

  • Think local. Real local, like in-market shoppers on your lot – or in your competition’s showroom – and use geotargeting to increase conversions for summer sales promotions.  


Ready, Set, Go – Summer Sales Promotions 

Is your summer promotions strategy ready? According to Google’s calendar, messaging for dealership summer sales events should be hitting in-market shoppers: 

June 14 – July 15 for 4th of July         

August 9 – September 9 for Labor Day 
Varies for Back-to-School               


To maximize your dealership’s summer sales promotions: update your online presence; create social ads and dynamic creative; and expand target audiences and messaging. Every successful campaign depends on high-quality data, and that’s one of our areas of expertise.  


Contact us now to learn how to maximize your summer sales promotions.  


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