Want to avoid the fate of infamous retailers like Toys R Us and Sports Chalet? These former retail giants had one thing in common: status quo. By the time these companies attempted to change their ways, it was too late. They failed to follow the unfailing golden rule of business; and that is the customer is always right. In this case, customers were clamoring for a new way to connect – namely online – with these once unstoppable brands. The pure brick and mortar retail business model was no longer relevant. The customer spoke, these businesses did not listen, and their fate was sealed.  


This same scenario – the need for a new way to connect with consumers – is unfolding in many areas of business, including the modern-day job seeker. The digital age has ushered in a new way of job hunting and has made changing jobs as complicated as ever. As a result, it is vital that recruiters adopt modern ways to connect with potential candidates or risk the same fate of the many now defunct retail giants. This means that recruiters need to connect with job seekers at the right time, and with the right message – whether that is on a review site, via a Google search, an online or mobile ad, or on social. Furthermore, digital touchpoints need to deliver a consistent message and be integrated to ensure the company’s brand story shines through. In other words, successful recruitment goes beyond HR savvy, it must also incorporate advanced marketing techniques. Here are some of the top digital marketing techniques that progressive recruiters are adapting to remain competitive in the modern age.  


Job Boards are a Must 

The facts speak for themselves. Half of job candidates start their job search on job boards. But with thousands of job boards, posting one job can be a huge time suck. You can either do it the old fashion way and post a single job listing on as many job boards humanly possible, or the modern way. Post once, and let technology do the rest. Instead of using your time posting, use your time to qualify and interview all the potential candidates that will come pouring in. 


Beyond Job Boards: Company Culture Matters 

Historically, posting on job boards was enough to get to the interview stage. But not so for today’s job hunter. Posting on job boards is only half the battle. Now that potential candidates know about a position, you also need to convince them that your company is the place to be. An overwhelming 88 percent of job seekers are influenced by the cultural and work environment reputation of a company. As a recruiter, your job is no longer just about seeking new candidates, it is also about getting existing or former employees to publicly sing their praises about your company.  


Presenting a Unified Front on Search  

Another interesting factoid: over one third of candidates use search engines to research a prospective company. Couple this fact with the fact that 75% of consumers expect a consistent experience with a business, across all platforms, and you have yet another conundrum: making sure your company consistently communicates its candidate-driven messages in search. Using preview tools like Google ad preview to see firsthand online content, SEM and display advertising prospective candidates are seeing. Address any inconsistencies and make your company shine.  


Get Social  

LinkedIn is not the only social game in town. Facebook is second on that list. A majority of job seekers (64 percent) use Facebook to either search for job openings or check out a company. With so many ways to utilize Facebook – from live videos, to retargeted ads, to slideshows and story ads – connecting with potential candidate on social is easy.  


Promote Your Company’s Unique Story 

Do you have regular social gatherings, free food or does your company promote community service? Then use targeted ads or other digital marketing content to highlight these unique cultural tidbits and help land that next bright candidate. Our research found that 80 percent of 18 to 34-year-old candidates are more likely to consider an opportunity if they have seen a marketing message promoting the company’s benefits, culture or career opportunities.  


Job Seekers are Everywhere, so you Have to Be Too 

Being a modern-day recruiter means you need to use modern-day techniques to connect with job seekers via their many preferred online outlets. Taking on this monumental task does not need to be, well, monumental. Savvy HR teams are taking a lesson learned from failed retail giants and are partnering with digital marketing experts that know how to seamlessly align marketing efforts to a job seeker’s online desires.   


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