At LOCALiQ, we’re passionate about local businesses and helping them grow. And one of the things we love most is talking to business owners about their passion: for expanding their business, for supporting their employees, and for giving back to their communities.

We recently sat down with Renova Energy Founder and CEO Vincent Battaglia to talk about how he’s grown his business over the last 12 years, as well as one of his employees, Cesar Lopez, to hear how Renova Energy plays a role in his life. It’s a LOCALiQ case study we’re especially proud of.

Vincent started his business about 12 years ago after writing about solar energy for his master’s thesis and looking for a way to make solar energy attainable for his community. Now, Renova Energy provides sustainable energy solutions to customers in the Coachella Valley, California, area and has grown their revenue to almost $12 million.

Aside from providing affordable and accessible energy solutions to his community, Vincent is passionate about his employees. He recently transitioned his business to an employee-owned company, making it the largest energy company with employee ownership in the U.S.

Cesar, a solar engineer, said that working at Renova makes him and his coworkers feel empowered and like their voices are heard. He also says it’s a fun place to work: Cesar leads the Renova intramural soccer team and participates in culture events hosted by Renova. Outside of work, Cesar and his wife are saving up to purchase their first home in the Coachella Valley, a goal he knows working at Renova Energy will help him achieve.

The Coachella Valley community is at the core of everything Renova Energy does. Vincent seeks to hire local graduates and community members for his business, gives back by going to career days, and sponsors various events near the Renova office.

It’s inspiring to see him walking through the halls, engaging with his employees, and talking about his passion for his life’s work. And, it’s a privilege to play a small part in Renova Energy’s success by supporting their vision and marketing goals for their business.

Vincent and Renova Energy first partnered with the Desert Sun Newspaper, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, in 2007, when he barely had any money for marketing. He wanted a way to get the word out about his business and felt advertising in the local paper was the best way to start. Since then, Vincent has partnered with LOCALiQ, part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, for an integrated online and offline marketing plan to make sure he’s reaching the right people at the right time.

We think this is a great LOCALiQ success story. Want to learn more about Vincent, Cesar, and Renova Energy? Watch their Grow Story above. Then, give us a call to learn how we can get started on helping you perfect your business’s Grow Story.

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