Car buyers are revving up their devices and gearing up to purchase new and used vehicles, which means your dealership needs to ready itself for an influx in search traffic and interest in your inventory. How many of these boxes do you check? 

Running a car dealership requires a lot more work than most people know. After working with thousands of automotive dealerships over the years, we understand how tiring your line of work can be and, especially with the peak car buying season coming up, how much effort goes into making your dealership marketing campaigns flawless. 

Thankfully, we’ve prepared an automotive marketing checklist of actions you can take, so you are able to step back and relax over spring break, knowing you’re ready for the wave of buyers who will come across your dealership’s website as they start their research for a new vehicle. 


Get Your Local Listings up to Date 

When a prospective buyer finally shuts their laptop and says, “I’m heading down to so-and-so’s showroom, hold my calls!”, you want to be absolutely sure they’re heading to the right place at the right time. Keeping your key dealership info (name, address, phone number, opening hours, etc.) clean as a whistle isn’t just a formality — it’s the difference between an interested buyer walking through your door and an interested buyer getting frustrated when they arrive and can’t get their shopping started. Plus 56% of auto shoppers visit consumer review sites while they make their way through the auto consumer journey. So you want to make sure you are responding appropriately to the reviews on your local listings.


Upgrade Any Website Content That Lacks Engagement 

Did you know that 83% of auto shoppers visit dealer sites on their path to purchase? Whether your info on each model lacks punch, your dealership’s story doesn’t hook people as well as it could, or your visual content doesn’t catch the eye like it should —rope in content experts who can improve your website impact and engagement while enhancing the customer journey. 


Prepare Some Undeniably Good Email Content, Too 

Once spring break is over – the prospective buyers you’ve attracted with your great site content and targeted ads should bring with them a slew of new email addresses to send your newsletters, promos, videos, etc.. Email marketing is part of your prep – be sure you’ve got powerful emails waiting in the bullpen to keep the conversation going with these automotive buyers. 


Put a Lead Management System in Place 

What’s the most time-consuming part of managing your leads? It’s most likely tracking where they come from and which ones are most beneficial. An easy-to-use lead management platform helps you keep tabs on lead quality and respond accordingly 24/7 — or, better yet, automate the process during time away. 


Retarget, Retarget, Retarget 

If left untended, interested buyers can absolutely disappear. But if you’re not in a position to communicate directly with potential car buyers right away, you can still stay top-of-mind and keep them coming back to your website to research and consider by setting up retargeting display ads.  All it takes is one visit to your dealership’s website to trigger ads across the other websites and social media sites they visit. 


A/B Test on Your Own Website 

With leads coming in from every which way, you need to know what keeps people on your website and what doesn’t, so test out multiple scenarios on as many major elements as possible: product shots, page names, calls-to-action, layout, vehicle specs, color choices — we could go on. That way, you’ll know your dealership’s website is at optimal presentation levels while you take a well-deserved breather. 


And, Finally, Find your Dream Automotive Marketing Partner  

Aside from helping you put all of these measures into place, LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE experts use the insights and experiences from thousands of automotive marketing campaigns to guide your own, helping you connect with customers, grow your dealership and make your life easier. 


Contact us today to request a free Dealer Scorecard analysis and get the conversation started. 


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