With car-shopping season around the corner, you need to grab the attention of consumers currently researching vehicles – and keep your dealership top of mind. 

The arrival of spring brings with it many wonderful things: flowers in bloom, the return of t-shirt weather — and, most of all, peak vehicle-buying season. 

Now’s the time of year when every dealership hopes to be the hottest one in town. But without a standout automotive marketing strategy building lasting connections with customers, your competitors could win.  

These three tips to help your dealership not only grab attention – but keep it all the way through the research-heavy car shopping process. 


1. Find the Right Audience and Cater to Them 

Little good ever came from sitting around waiting for people to come to you — so, instead, take your message straight to the people! 

Targeted display ads are the perfect way to do just that – they let you hone in on specific demographics, geographic areas, and purchase behaviors – to find exactly the audience you seek. 

Using data and marketing insights, you can determine how many different executions of your dealership’s messaging are needed. Next, leverage the metrics to find the perfect platforms or sites to reach — and intrigue — the audiences you desire. You need to be ready with messaging that’ll grab their interest and not let go until they decide your dealership is the place to shop. 

Action to take: It’s one thing for people to click on your ads because they happen to be looking for a vehicle, but it’s a whole other ballgame to get people clicking on creative, engaging content. According to the Content Marketing Institute, close to 70% of customers prefer learning about products through content than traditional advertising. Take the time to create videos featuring your top-selling models, or infographics with vehicle specs, or quizzes about which car is right for you. Let your imagination take the wheel! 


2. Stay Top of Mind with In-Market Auto Shoppers

All it takes is one. 

Whether it’s in search results, on your website, or in a targeted ad – once someone has shown interest in your dealership, retargeting ensures you’re consistently staying in front of the buyer throughout their journey.   

Retargeted Facebook ads are one of the best ways to keep you top-of-mind, drive new contacts, grow reach and increase engagement. 70% of social media users start their search for dealers and car brands on Facebook (LOCALiQ Automotive Con Survey, 2018). On average, consumers need to see an ad seven times before making a purchase and, after seeing your retargeted ads multiple times following a visit to your website, will be 70% more likely to convert.

Action to take: Run your retargeting strategy and mine for new customers by creating what Facebook Business calls “lookalike audiences” — a data-generated groups of people who match the profile of your existing customer base. This allows you to target exact individuals whose needs you’re already serving, but who’ve had little to no exposure to your dealership in their research efforts. 


3. Get in Their Inboxes 

Many marketing experts still champion email marketing as the most highly effective tactic for marketers across all industries. Makes sense, considering a whopping 91% of consumers open their inbox at least once a day, according to Salesforce.  


Setting up an email campaign allows you to feed content directly to potential buyers. It provides a platform from which to link to existing content — including the videos, infographics and quizzes mentioned above. Develop messages that you think will resonate with your target audience – space and amenities for families, cost efficiency for younger buyers, or high-end amenities for luxury drivers. 


Action to take: Take the time to make your content really stand out visually. After all, 95% of people retain the things they see, compared to just 10% of the things they read. Set aside room in your marketing budget to hire a top-notch graphic designer (specifically, one with experience in email design and OEM co-op compliance) – excellent visual elements will keep your audience better engaged with general info, promos, etc. 


To Recap: 

  • Targeted display ads help get your message to new audiences across different demographics. 
  • Retargeted Facebook ads keep more of your messages coming back around to people who check out your website or content at least once. 
  • Email marketing is a versatile canvas to share targeted content with potential buyers.  


With insights from thousands of automotive campaigns across the country, LOCALiQ AUTOMOTIVE is ready to help you map out a smart, expertly planned automotive marketing strategy to connect with customers and grow your dealership. 

Contact us today and let’s put these tactics to work for you!