In a historically low unemployment environment like the one we are experiencing now, recruiting the right candidate for the job can be a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Yes, qualifications are essential, but there are added elements like culture fit, soft skills and more to consider.  A resumé will only cover part of the equation – your intuition and people skills will help you identify the rest. 

Finding the right applicants to vet is a critical first step to any employment strategy. It’s no longer enough to just use one tactic to find the talent you need. Here are three applicant generation tactics to consider when planning your recruitment marketing strategy.   




73% of  employers are struggling to find the right  candidates. 

Let’s face it. Sometimes you are tasked with filling many jobs, like staffing a new location or a position that tends to turn over frequently, or you work for a large organization with a steady stream of open reqs. With so many job boards out there, it can be time consuming to post on all of them and a challenge to know which ones will provide the best candidates.       

Luckily, there are many providers that offer you solutions. However, you want to work with one that helps you target hundreds of job boards at once, helps you define which ones are applicable to your industry, optimize your performance automatically – all through one simple ad placement.   

Sounds complicated, but with the right partner, this simplified approach to recruitment marketing will streamline your efforts and get you the outcome you want more efficiently so you can focus on the people side of your business.   

Gone are the days where you need to spend unnecessary time and budget to fill a role. Leverage  LOCALiQ  RECRUITMENT technology dynamically allocates spend throughout the campaign in real time and places focus on promoting the jobs that need it most. These solutions can also match your open positions to candidates with your desired skills, experiences and interests.   



Specialized roles can be especially challenging. Whether it’s in the transportation or logistics industry or a niche role like nursing, some positions have a unique set of skills that can make them harder to fill. That means more of your time and resources are likely dedicated to finding the right person for one req.   

To free up your time and give your budget some relief, look for a campaign management solution that builds at the job-level to connect you with top candidates in your field. There are tools available that will transform your job posting into a fully automated ad distribution campaign that targets relevant job seekers across hundreds of leading national, industry-specific and local job sites.    

Your marketing partner must provide a technology solution that works around the clock to monitor your performance, so your job posting is getting the maximum response possible for your budget. LOCALiQ RECRUITMENT technology will grade and rank applicants based on your specific job requirements and notify you with alerts when qualified candidates apply. This allows you to maximize your time and, ultimately, to find the right hire faster and on budget.   





83% of job seekers are active on Facebook.

Social Media has certainly penetrated everyone’s daily routine.  It’s not uncommon that social media is the first thing people check when they wake-up in the morning and the last thing they look at before bed. With so many people on various social media platforms, it’s not surprising that employers check a candidate’s social media accounts before they make an offer. Yet the reverse is also true, with candidates checking out your social media profiles when researching your organization.   

It’s also no wonder that social media is becoming more popular as a recruitment tactic. Facebook recruitment offers a less saturated employment environment which can increase the exposure of your job post and easily allow you to recruit candidates where they already are. The social media giant also simplifies the application process by making application as simple as a push of a button on the messenger system.    

Tap into the world’s most popular social network, Facebook, with the most active users in the world to quickly uncover new candidates. Like so many marketing tactics it’s easy to get caught up in the details of managing a social media campaign and can result in wasted dollars.  LOCALiQ  RECRUITMENT takes the guess work out of social marketing by creating, monitoring and optimizing your job postings to drive peak performance.  You’ll be envy of your competition with the best talent signing up to be with you!   


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