As some states begin reopening, our challenges shift from how to navigate closures and stay-at-home orders to how we can rebuild our cities and our nation’s economy. It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has hit us all hard. Unemployment has skyrocketed, the stock market has taken historical dips, and businesses across the country are struggling to survive.

However, throughout this tumultuous time, our communities have pressed on. Neighbors have helped neighbors, essential workers have clocked in to help us feed our families, and healthcare workers have stood at the frontlines of this pandemic to see us all through. And, our news networks have continued to deliver vital information to communities to help them stay safe and healthy.

We are resilient. And we will rebuild.

So, that’s why we, as part of the USA TODAY NETWORK, are proud to help businesses re-enter the marketplace confidently.

How are We Supporting Local Businesses?

We kicked off this initiative with a joint effort between the USA TODAY NETWORK, our 260 local media brands, and LOCALiQ designed to help communities navigate the reopening with confidence. A combination of trending stories and local expertise fuels our premium content environment, capturing national and local angles of the most pertinent aspects across our economic landscape.

Why Get Back to Business?

At LOCALiQ, our mission is to help local businesses grow and thrive. During this time, we have continued to work side-by-side with thousands of businesses across the country to pivot their marketing and business operations to continue serving and informing their customers, and we’re excited to be part of their stories as they re-open their businesses.

The USA TODAY NETWORK’s 260 local and online publications, as well as, are telling those stories day-in and day-out. And consumers are engaging with them.

In March alone, 173 million Americans relied on USA TODAY and USA TODAY NETWORK local sites for news, information, and comfort in a time of panic. Consumers are turning to our network and our reporters to stay informed and understand the impact COVID-19 is having on their daily lives as well as on the businesses they love.

How Your Business Can Get Involved 

Our print and digital news brands are more relevant than ever and the perfect place to launch your personalized “back to business” message within the premium content that will reach a highly engaged audience with a rallying cry to support local throughout the country.

Contact us to learn how we can help you get back to business and connect with consumers in your communities.