Have you ever started to panic that you couldn’t find your phone only to realize you were holding it? That happens to me at least once a week. My phone is basically an extension of my body at this point. And, the same is true for most consumers. We have our phones with us at all times. We check it when we wake up, when we’re in the bathroom (don’t lie), and right before bed. Then, while we’re sleeping, it’s right next to us on our bedside tables or even in our beds, waiting to wake us up in the morning.

So, doesn’t it make sense to target your customers through their phones? They’re using them all the time anyway”¦

Here are a few more reasons you should look into mobile marketing:

It’s Engaging

One of the challenges when it comes to marketing your business is creating an engaging and personalized way to interact with consumers. Today’s consumers are savvy — they know when they’re being advertised to for the most part, and they crave something that’s a little different. It’s one of the reasons social media influencers are so popular now: Consumers enjoy that one-to-one engagement.

Luckily, mobile marketing gives you a way to create a unique experience to target your consumers. You can stand out from the other ads they see by creating experiences that engage them, like with interactive takeover ads or gravity ads, which give users an immersive experience on the homepage of your website.

It’s Targeted

We know millions of people are accessing their mobile devices everyday. And, because of the way data is shared via mobile devices, we can narrow down who we’re targeting, where we’re targeting them, and how we’re targeting them. Think about it: Have you ever been walking around your grocery store, looking in one of your apps for new recipe ideas, and seen an ad for a nearby business? Maybe a restaurant offering you a special discount for picking up dinner that night?

You’ve been targeted using geofencing, a mobile marketing tactic. That’s just one example of the power of mobile marketing. Because smartphones are tracking users’ locations pretty much all the time, you can use location targeting for your mobile marketing strategy. And, there are a ton of other targeting options available for mobile marketing tactics so you can reach the right audience for your business where they’re spending a lot of their time.

It’s Ready Now

We’re all about instant gratification. We want what we what, and we want it now. And, mobile marketing really plays into that need. Picture this: You’re out and about, looking for a new restaurant to try, and you see an ad on your phone for a place that just opened. And they have a coupon for you! You’re not going to turn that down, are you?

Mobile marketing can be that for you. You can reach those consumers that are on-the-go with ads that they can take advantage of right that moment. It’s pretty amazing.

It’s Only Getting Bigger

The other day I was talking to my aunt, and she let me know that my 11-year-old cousin now has a cell phone. I had to wait until I had a driver’s license to get a phone but that was in the early 2000s, so times have clearly changed. Smartphones are such an accepted part of life that pretty much everyone has one. And, that number will just continue to grow. It’s estimated that by 2020, 6.1 billion consumers will have a smartphone.

This means your audience for targeting interested users on their mobile devices will continue to grow as well. So now is the perfect time to take advantage of the opportunities mobile marketing has to offer, or risk getting left behind.

It’s Constantly Changing

Isn’t it weird to think about how much technology has evolved just over the last 10 years? My first phone I was just telling you about was a flip phone, and it had a color screen that showed fish floating! It was truly high-tech at the time. I didn’t think anything could be better than a color screen on my cell phone. Then I got my first phone that could get on the internet. It took about 20 minutes to load any webpage, but I wasn’t complaining! Now I literally do complain anytime it takes my smartphone browser longer than five seconds to load.

While actual cell phone technology has evolved, mobile marketing has emerged and evolved as an excellent way to target your audience. And, new mobile marketing tactics are constantly emerging. So getting into the mobile marketing game now will only help you as these new technologies continue to come out.

Let’s Mobile-ize

So, what do you think about mobile marketing? Hopefully you think it’s cool and you want to add it to your existing marketing strategy. And, if you do, maybe we can work together? LOCALiQ has so many mobile marketing tactics that can help you reach your target audience right on their smartphones. And, we can help you determine the right mix to make it work for you. So, contact us today! Maybe on your cell phone?

After we chat, check out these cool mobile marketing stats:

This infographic breaks down how users are depending on their devices more and more. Being mobile friendly is a must.