Mobile marketing has become a hot topic in the marketing field of late. The number of smartphone users continues to grow, and marketers are hoping to capture the attention of leads on their mobile devices.

But is there too much hype? Is there really a way to drive leads with mobile marketing, or are we all just spinning our wheels?

The short answer is this: Mobile marketing can be an incredible way to drive leads, if you know how to do it. Check out some of my favorite tips for driving mobile marketing leads below.

Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Somewhere between 70 and 80% of all internet traffic today comes from mobile devices. People are using mobile phones everywhere.

They’re on their phones while watching television at home. They check their devices on the go when they’re in their cars or on public transit. They even keep their mobile phones by their desktops and will toggle between the two screens. I can almost guarantee your mobile device is within arm’s reach for you right now (if you’re not reading this on your mobile device already!).

Because most web traffic is happening on phones today, you want to be sure that your entire online presence is mobile-friendly. This starts with a great website that has a responsive design (meaning it’s formatted to look perfect on any size screen) and is quick to load.

But it goes beyond just your website. Be sure your emails are optimized to be read on a phone. Again, responsive design is key here; many email marketing platforms offer that feature to users.

The content that you share on social media and on your website should be mobile-friendly, too. Video has become a huge marketing trend of late, and it’s in part because the format is easy to digest on a small screen. While scrolling through long articles or blog posts is tedious on a phone screen, watching a two-minute video that provides you all the same information is quick and simple.

By creating content across your website, social media channels, and even email campaigns that’s easy to digest on a small screen, you’re creating a scenario where users can get to know and like your brand on the device they use most often. They’re not going to become mobile lead if they can’t find you, engage with you, or access your information on their phone.

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Get on Local Listings

Having a strong mobile presence goes beyond just the content that you own. Having a presence on local listings sites is also critical to drive leads with mobile marketing.

Research from Google has shown a major increase in high-intent mobile searches in recent years. They’ve seen a 500% increase in searches that contain the phrase “near me” and “to buy” or “can I buy.”

What this means is that consumers aren’t just using their mobile phones more frequently. They’re also using their mobile phones at the critical moment right before they’re ready to make a purchase. If you’re able to get your business’s name in front of them at this point in the customer journey, it’s likely that you’ll be a top contender for solving their problem.

That’s why you need to expand your mobile marketing reach beyond your own website and make sure that your business is listed on relevant directories. Claiming your Google My Business profile allows your business to appear in Google Maps results. Getting on Yelp means you’ll show up in searches that happen directly through Yelp’s app.

Not only that, but these local listings sites often have review components, and reviews have the ability to influence purchase decisions. By establishing multiple spaces where your happy customers can leave reviews online, you can drive leads to convert.

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Make It Easy to Talk to You

By now, you’ve built a great presence for yourself online so leads can quickly find your business and research what your existing customers have said about you. They’re convinced that your business is a great option for solving their problem, but they have a question for you before they stop by. Maybe they’d like to confirm your hours or check that you have their desired item in stock.

Whatever the case may be, making it easy for consumers to reach your business via their smartphone is another tip for driving leads with mobile marketing. Incorporate features into your website that makes it easy to reach you.

A click-to-call feature or live chat that allows leads to get in touch with a member of your team immediately can go a long way towards sealing the deal. It’s also important to make sure that your hours and contact information are clearly listed across your own online assets and local listings pages. If someone discovered your business on Google Maps or your Facebook page, you want it to be just as easy for them to get in touch with you as it is for someone who happened upon your website.

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Build a Geofence

Geofencing is a tool that allows you to establish a perimeter around a physical location and send notifications in apps to any mobile devices that enter that “fence.” Some business owners choose to put the fence around their own business, pushing discount offers or a notification linked to their online booking system to passersby.

Other business owners establish a fence around the big, global store that’s moved in down the street and is distracting from their business. This strategy is a great way to drive leads with mobile marketing. Two-thirds of Americans say they prefer to support local businesses, so by disrupting consumers on their way to the big box competitor and providing them with an attractive local alternative, you can drive those leads away from their store and straight to your door.

Mobile marketing is more than the latest marketing fad. As more consumers turn to their mobile devices for most of their internet activity, seeking out tips to drive leads through mobile marketing becomes increasingly important.

Following the advice here is a great start, but building out a comprehensive mobile marketing strategy to drive leads is a complex process. It’s also important to have a system for tracking your leads in place so you can measure the leads you’re driving from your mobile marketing strategy. If you’re looking for help, we should talk.

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