Your dealership is built to address the needs of your local community. You have the inventory they want and a team that understands their needs. The only thing left is for you to make sure your neighbors know that you’re there for them. That’s how you turn local consumers into your customers. 

One of the most effective ways to grab the attention of those consumers is by leveraging addressable geofencing technology. If this terminology is new to you, never fear! We’ve got all the background information and tips you need to put addressable geofencing to work for your business. 

What Is Addressable Geofencing? 

Geofencing is a technology that allows you to target your advertising at the mobile devices of people who enter a specific “fence,” which you can track via the GPS on their device. 

In traditional geofencing, you establish a virtual fence around an area of your choice. That may be a radius around your business, a competitor’s business, or a specific area in your city or town. Whenever someone enters the fence with their mobile device, they’re greeted with a push notification from your business. 

Addressable geofencing allows you a whole new level of granularity when it comes to targeting consumers with your advertising. Rather than establishing a fence and pushing your messaging out to anyone who enters it, addressable geofencing allows you to target your messaging at people based on their home addresses. This way, you can ensure that the people receiving your messaging are really those who live and work in your area, and are therefore most likely to be interested in visiting your dealership. Plus, it works out really well now when you know a lot more people are staying at home.

How Does It Work? 

Addressable geofencing works by taking a USPS list of addresses and putting it into the technology platform. From there, you can see every device that enters into the plat lines for those specific addresses. 

You can then target those devices with messaging related to your dealership. You also have the ability to reach out to those devices for 30 days after they’ve appeared within the plat lines at a given address. 

This geofencing solution is more specific than those that rely on IP addresses, as the truncation of IP addresses often prevents marketers from getting specific data on which IP address is associated with individual residences. 

How Can a Dealership Leverage this Technology? 

As you can tell, this is an advanced technology that provides you with highly granular insight into the consumers who live in your area. You can use this cutting-edge tool in a variety of ways to enhance your existing marketing strategies and speak to the consumers who are right in your backyard. 

Rather than relying on a list of phone numbers associated with a given address, you can target your advertising at every device that enters the plat lines for a property. When a family is looking to purchase a car for their newly-licensed teenage driver, you can ensure that mom, dad, and teen all get messaging from your dealership. 

By collecting additional information about the devices and users at each property, you can flesh out your own databases. You’ll continue to learn more about the consumers at a given address, so you can target them with information relevant to their specific needs.  

Plus, you can use offline databases to create audiences for your messaging. So, for example, if you have a list of addresses where you know the residents are due for an automotive lease renewal, you can send them messaging about leasing options for your latest models. 

Finally, addressable geofencing can provide attribution for other marketing techniques, like direct mail. When you draw a direct line between the folks you targeted with addressable geofencing marketing and those who walked through the door at your dealership, you can gain deeper insight into the effectiveness of each of your campaigns. 

When it comes to running a dealership, it’s important that your marketing strategies connect you with consumers in your community, those most likely to become your eventual customers. A tool like addressable geofencing ensures that your marketing spend is directed only at those who live at addresses in your city or town, and it provides you with a way to ensure they’re seeing the messaging about your dealership that best aligns with their needs as a consumer. 

To learn more about how we can help you with your addressable geofencing strategy, contact us today.

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