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  • 13 Easy-to-Use Sales Follow-Up Email Templates to Close New Clients

You know that email marketing can be a powerful tool for your agency or business to get new customers, but finding the right formula along the way is nothing short of a journey.

Of course, with so many emails filtering through people’s inboxes, how do you stand out? Plus, with a ton of new features and strategies out there when it comes to email nuturing, where do you even start?

sales follow up email templates - chart of email challenges


When it comes to sending email messages to get new clients and close a sale, one email is not enough. You need to send a sales follow-up. But what should that follow-up email entail? We’re sharing sales follow-up email templates and tips to help you get a response and close a new client.


What is a sales follow-up email?

A sales follow-up email is a short message to your potential customer after your initial sales email. These follow-up emails are especially important as they bring in a 40% higher reply rate compared to your first email. Basically, these follow-up emails invite your prospect to start a conversation with you or take action.

sales follow up email templates - canva example

A sales follow-up email example.


Sales follow-up email template tips

You can’t expect everyone to open your sales follow-up email, but it’s still worth your time to send it out! In fact, 60% of decision-makers say no four times before saying yes, so templating out your sales follow-up emails for repeat sends helps you keep your strategy as effective as possible. Remember these email copywriting tips as you craft your own sales follow-up emails:

1. It’s all about the subject line

You’re 30% more likely to get a response to your email if you use a personalized subject line. Here’s a few easy ways to personalize your sales email subject lines:

  • Use their name! It sounds obvious, but using their name is a personal touch that lets them know that the follow-up email is just for them.
  • Ask a question. Tease your customer’s curiosity by asking them a question like “did you know our product does X” or even something as simple as “how can I help?”
  • Avoid clickbait. Your subject line should promise what’s inside and not exaggerate. Click baiting may get them to open your email, but you’ll lose their trust in the process.

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sales follow up email templates - example of subject line in sales email

This sales email subject line example uses an eye-catching emoji and an enticing offer without overpromising or being too “spammy.”

2. Avoid being passive-aggressive or insensitive

Getting a prospect to respond to your email is your problem, not theirs. Review your sales follow-up emails for any unintentional passive aggressiveness. Remove phrases like “we’re both busy people” or “you haven’t written me back.” When in doubt, have a friend or coworker read over your email before sending it for a second opinion. Even if you don’t intend your message to be passive-aggressive, you’ll want to avoid any microaggressions.

3. Send personalized emails, not generic ones

At this point, people can see through a generic email that’s being copy and pasted—especially when there are so many agencies out there sending similar ones to get new clients. Go an extra length to add some personality or depth to your sales follow-ups for a truly targeted email strategy. Obviously, use their name and make sure to spell it correctly!

sales follow up email templates - example of a personalized email offer

This sales follow-up email example adds a personal touch by including a name.


13 sales follow-up email templates

Email marketing is a must-have strategy for your agency, but it’s easier said than done. For example, figuring out what to write in your follow-up email can be tough, as nearly half of marketers find creating compelling content for email challenging. We created these sales follow-up email templates to save you from a headache.

1. The informal conversation follow-up

If you recently spoke with someone interested in your project or service, the polite thing to do is follow up! They likely expect an email from you. Keep it short and simple. Thank the person for their time, and provide additional value.

Email subject line: Just following up on our chat!

Hi there!

It was so nice to chat with you! I’m super excited to hit the ground running on [project]. Like I mentioned earlier, here’s [information or resource]. Please let me know if you need any help or have any questions. You can reach me here via email or at [phone number].

Thanks for taking the time to speak to me!


[Your Name]
[Your contact information]

2. The conference follow-up

If you made a connection at a conference (or another event), you’ll want to follow up pretty quickly to keep your business top of mind. Don’t wait too long to follow up!

Email subject line: Following up on [conference name] connection

Hello! I had a wonderful time speaking about [topic] with you at [conference name] last week. I’m sending along [resource or information] just like we discussed.

Would you be interested in grabbing a virtual coffee sometime this week to speak more about [topic]? I look forward to connecting with you!

[Your name and contact information]

3. The free trial follow-up

If someone has signed up for your free trial, they likely want to take advantage of your product! Add additional value by pointing out a perk they may have missed or free resources that can help them through their free trial period.

Email subject line: Need any help with the free trial?

Hey there, [Name]

I saw that you signed up for our free trial! Here are some free resources that’ll help you take full advantage of our service!

[Link 1]
[Link 2]
[Link 3]

Please let me know if you need any assistance! I’d be happy to help.

[Your name and email]

sales follow up email templates - example follow up email that offers a free trial

4. The no-response follow-up

Unfortunately, sometimes you won’t hear back after a sales call or previous email. Give your sales prospect an easy way out while being helpful. Sometimes the time just isn’t right to make a sale but you still want to leave the relationship on a friendly tone. Try giving them an easy way to respond in just one minute.

Email subject line: Just checking to see if you’re still interested


I haven’t heard from you in a while and just wanted to check-in. I understand that life gets busy, so just shoot me one of the following numbers to let me know where you’re at.

  1. I’m no longer interested in this product and don’t want to hear more.
  2. I’ve had a busy week. Follow up with me in a few weeks!
  3. Thanks for checking in! Let’s set up a time to talk.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me!

[Your name]
[Your contact information]

5. The social media follow-up

One amazing way to create a connection? Thank your prospect for their useful social media posts and share a helpful tip of your own!

Email subject line: Thanks for all the social media tips!

Hello [Name],

I’ve loved following your content on Instagram! Thank you for your tip on optimizing headlines, I used it on my website this week. I just published a blog post and wanted to share it with you: [link]

Would you be available to speak more about [topic] next week? Thank you!

[Your name]
[Your contact information]

6. The quick ask

Keep it short and sweet with a quick request!

Email subject line: Can I help solve your problem?

Hi, [Name],

I noticed that your company is in need of a solution to [problem area]. My [Company Name] specializes in solving problems like these. I’m happy to connect you with a free trial or help you explore solutions to your problem.

Do you have any time next week for a quick 10-minute phone call? Thanks so much!

[Your name + contact information]

7. The sales call follow-up

If you just got off the phone with a potential client, it’s only polite to send a quick follow-up email to try to close the deal. Recap your conversation and try to make their life a little easier by providing them with a free trial, demo, or any other kind of help.

Email subject line: Thanks for the great chat today!

Hello, [Name],

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! I loved learning about [their mission, topic you spoke about]. If you’d like, I’d love to help you out by connecting you with [a colleague, demonstration, or free trial]. Please let me know if you’re interested!

[Your name and contact information]

8. The proposal follow-up

Once you’ve suggested a proposal to your prospect, you’ll want to follow-up to see if they have any questions and cement your business deal.

Email subject line: Quick proposal


I just wanted to send over a quick recap of what we discussed + the attached proposal.

Just so you know, our services will include:

  1. Service 1
  2. Service 2
  3. Service 3

Attached is the official proposal for your reference! Do you have any questions for me?

[Your name and contact information]

sales follow up email template - example of a proposal email

9. The industry solution follow-up

Proposing a solution to a problem or customer pain point is a great way to get a conversation started. Lead with how your service or product benefits them.

Email subject line: [Prospect’s name], want to learn 10 ways [Company name] benefits?

Hello there!

We know that [Company name] often deals with [pain points]. That’s why we created [product name] to solve these important issues!

Just so you know, our product helps with:

  1. [pain point solution 1]
  2. [pain point solution 2]

Please let me know if you’d like to learn more about [benefit]!

[Your name and contact information]

10. The valuable follow-up

It’s always a good idea to add value to your prospect’s life! Try offering them a few valuable pieces of advice instead of just marketing your product.

Email subject line: How to solve [problem] in 3 different ways

Hello [Name],

We know that there’s no easy way to solve [problem]. But we’re happy to help!

  1. [tip 1]
  2. [tip 2]
  3. A free gift: try our solution free for 30 days! With our [product name], you can solve your problem in no time at all.

[Your name and contact information]

sales follow up email templates - example sales follow up email template that adds additional value

11. The voicemail follow-up

Sometimes, you have an especially busy day and miss a call from your prospect! If you missed a call and they left a voicemail, here’s how you can email them back:

Email subject line: [Lead’s name], sorry I missed your call. Ready to chat?

Hi [Name]!

I’m so sorry I missed your phone call. I’m excited to speak to you about [reference voicemail message]. Can we set up a phone call for tomorrow? I’m excited to touch base with you!

[Your name and contact information]

12. The feedback follow-up

If you’ve given your prospect the chance to try your agency’s services, reach out to them for feedback or a testimonial. People often enjoy sharing their opinions, and this could be the beginning of a wonderful customer relationship.

Email subject line: Do you have any feedback for me?

Hi [Name],

I hope you’ve enjoyed your 30-day trial so far. Please let me know if there’s anything that’s not working for you. Do you have any feedback about the product? We’re always looking for new ways to improve [product] and would love to make sure that it’s serving you. I’m happy to extend your free trial by another 30 days if you need more time!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your Name]

13. The discount follow-up

If you haven’t heard back from your prospect, you may be able to entice them with a discount. If you think your product will be valuable to everyone at a company, offer a group discount instead of an individual one.

Email subject line: I have a discount for you!

Hello [name]!

I’m sure our [product name] will be of interest to everyone at [company name]. I would love to hook you and your team members up with a 20 percent discount! Our product will benefit your team through [include an example or relevant benefit].

If you’re interested, just hit reply to this email!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

[Your Name]

sales follow up email templates - example of discount offer email from agency


Start trying out these sales follow-up email templates today

Try out one of these sales follow-up email templates today to start attracting new customers to your agency. Remember to personalize your emails, customize your subject line, and create value for your customers!

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