Sure, anyone can stumble across your brand on the internet (especially with a great marketing strategy around web presence in place). But they’re only going to stick around and become a customer if they’re a true lead: someone who’s interested in the solution to their problem your business offers.

How can you get your name out there and grab the attention of those who are actually interested in what you do? Here are the top seven ways to drive leads and awareness for your local business.

1. Print Ads

Print ads are sometimes forgotten in today’s digital world, but it’s still an effective lead generation strategy. When consumers come across an ad for your business in their favorite publication, they’re not distracted by pop-ups or video that starts playing elsewhere on the screen. Plus, when you understand the characteristics of your ideal customer, you can focus your advertising dollars where they’re most likely to read.

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2. Paid Search Marketing

While it’s nice not to neglect more old-school lead generation methods, it’s also impossible to run a business today without a presence online. And as search engine king Google expands its advertising platform, it’s more important than ever to focus on paid search marketing.

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Paid search marketing allows you to show on top search engines, like Google, for terms related to your business. And, most paid search ads show above the rest of the results on the page, so you’re able to increase your visibility and get in front of consumers who are searching for products or services related to your business in your area.

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3. Targeted Display

Not every consumer needs or wants what your business is offering. But for those who are looking for your solution, you want to be sure you’re on their radar. That’s why targeted display is such a useful lead generation tool.

This can be any form of advertising (social, print, video). The key here is that your ads are being shown only to those who are most likely to become customers. Targeting can be based on demographics or prior consumer behavior and allows you to get the most out of your marketing spend.

For example, say you’re researching a new dentist and visit one’s website. You leave their site and continue your research, checking out other sites, reading reviews, and asking for recommendations on social media. But, while you’re on those other sites and social channels, you’re seeing ads for the first dentist whose site you visited. This puts that dentist at the top of your mind and may entice you to contact them instead of another dentist who you completely forgot about.

4. Social Media Ads

Did you know that nearly 70% of all American adults are on social media? Appearing in the right Facebook or Instagram feed can get your business noticed. Because consistency is key in marketing (most consumers need to see an ad for a business seven times before they consider becoming a customer!), social media is a great, cost-effective way to put your brand in front of consumers in several different locations.

When you establish social media ad campaigns, you’re able to get really specific about the audience you’d like to see your ads and the goal of your campaign. This means you can direct your ad spend at those who are actually likely to become prospects. It’s one of the most customizable lead generation tools out there.

5. Targeted Email Marketing

Today, email is the primary mode of communication for most businesses, and there are over 281 billion emails sent each day! So while you know it’s a great way to reach consumers, you can also be sure yours isn’t the only email to hit their inbox on a given day.

This is why targeted email marketing is critical. Segmenting your lists to present the most relevant offers to different subsets of your customer and prospect populations helps give you a leg up over the competition who sends the same, generic email blast to everyone.

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6. Direct Mail

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Direct mail is another marketing tactic that some feel is out of place in our digital world. But, sometimes it’s the snail mail that stands out most.

A well-executed direct mail campaign targeted at the appropriate segment of the population can generate great results. You’re able to personalize your offers, and it’s easy to create trackable offers on campaigns so that you can measure the effectiveness of your approach. Especially when combined with other lead generation tactics, mail can be very effective.

7. YouTube Ads

Did you know that users watch over one billion hours of YouTube videos around the globe each hour? That’s a statistic so mind-boggling it can be a little hard to wrap your head around, but what it means is this: You want to be advertising on YouTube.

Fortunately for those of us who don’t have an Oscar in directing, it’s easier than ever for anyone to produce high-quality, well-edited videos for a low cost. Putting together a quick video spot to run before a YouTube video is as easy, and it’s a great way to grab prospects’ attention. As with print ads, those sitting down to watch a video are a captive audience.

Want to build awareness for your brand? We’re here to help! LOCALiQ has all the right lead generation tools and expertise, and is here to help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

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