Search marketing is an important tactic for local businesses looking to get found on top search engines. For users, it seems like magic — you search for a business or specific keyword, and voila! The results appear right there at the top — oftentimes using the same keywords you just typed in. It’s not even really something we think about — it’s a given that it’s going to happen. But the reality is that search engine marketing (SEM) is pretty complicated unless you’re an expert. You have to take into account things like budget, how fast that budget is spending, keywords, which keywords are getting clicks, or more importantly, leads, and much more. It’s a lot when your main focus is actually running your business and not becoming a certified search marketer.

That’s where a marketing partner comes in. A marketing partner that knows their stuff when it comes to SEM can make your life a lot easier. And, really, who doesn’t want that? Let’s explore some things you might miss out on if you don’t have a search marketing partner.

It’s Hard to Know What Keywords are Best

You’re the expert when it comes to your business, so you probably have a pretty good idea of what people are looking for when they need to find your website. If you own a plumbing business, it would make sense to bid on keywords like “plumber near me,” right? But, without an SEM partner, you may not know how high the competition is for that keyword in your area and that in order to capture searches for that keyword, you’re going to be spending a lot more money for possibly fewer clicks or leads.

A search engine marketing partner can help you identify not only the keywords most closely associated with your business, but the keywords that will deliver the best results for your budget. So, instead of bidding on a high-dollar keyword, they could help you with one like “leaky faucet” where the search intent is to find a plumber but the competition is a little lower.

It Can be Impossible to Optimize Your Campaign

SEM moves really fast, and consumers’ search behaviors are constantly changing. So, if you’re trying to optimize your campaign to accommodate the time of day, keywords, channels, and more that are yielding the best results, you might as well quit your day job and sit watching your search campaigns all day. It’s going to take forever, and by the time you get your campaign optimized, something could change.

Working with a search marketing partner takes this off your plate. And, if you partner with LOCALiQ, we have a platform that optimizes campaigns using machine learning based on what’s working to drive leads, not just clicks. So, we’re always making changes to your campaigns that can yield big results without you having to get into the minutiae. Unless you want to, and in that case, we can walk you through what’s going on, what changes we’ve made, and what’s working for your campaigns.

It’s Difficult to be on all the Sites You Need

Most businesses rely on Google when it comes to search marketing. And while Google is the top search engine, 33% of consumers use Bing as their primary search engine. Plus, with the rise of voice search using digital assistants like Alexa and Siri, which both use Bing as their search engine, you really can’t focus only on Google for a successful campaign. So, if you’re running your search marketing yourself, you’d have to manage campaigns on both Google and Bing, as well as other search engines in order to make sure you’re capturing the majority of searches in your area.

A search marketing partner can get you on all the right search engines so you are getting those searches. This is another place LOCALiQ can help. We’re able to see which search engines are delivering you the best results and make sure your budget is allocated correctly so you’re getting the most relevant searchers.

You Might Not be Able to Tie Your Marketing Together

Search marketing is just one piece of the marketing puzzle. So, if you’re running it independently of your other marketing activities, you might be missing out on opportunities to use the information you gather from one campaign to improve the other. For example, if you find out a ton of visitors are coming to your website through organic search from the term “drain clogged,” you could add that keyword to your search marketing campaign, and vice versa. Additionally, you could start noticing a lot of reviews about your business mentioning your friendly plumbers, and add some verbiage around that to your search ads because it’s clearly resonating with your customers.

A search marketing partner can help you identify the opportunities to tie your marketing tactics together so they’re all working to complement each other.

It’s a lot to Keep up With

Move over Keeping Up with the Kardashians — keeping up with the search engines is way more intense. But instead of family drama that you can’t look away from no matter how hard you try, it’s more like sneaky little updates that can be detrimental to your search campaigns unless you know what’s happening. It’s estimated that Google made 500-600 updates to its algorithm last year. That’s an estimate because Google rarely announces updates. And, they’re constantly testing new features that could be helpful to your business if you know about it (like their new update to the pack testing “sold here” labels).

A search marketing partner can keep up with the constant updates and changes for you, and they can share relevant information if you’re interested in staying in the loop. It’s all about what works best for you!

Let’s be Partners?

Hopefully you’re convinced that you need a search marketing partner and that LOCALiQ should be that partner! We know our stuff when it comes to search marketing (and other marketing!), and we want to help you see the best results you can when it comes to getting your business on search engines. So, give us a call, and we’ll get you started on your journey to search engine success!

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