We believe solutions and service go hand-in-hand, which is why we rely on our team of experts to help our clients achieve great results. No one has seen firsthand how this approach works to drive results more than our sales and services teams themselves.

We sat down with Leslie Whittaker, a Digital Marketing Consultant working with clients across the U.S., to hear what she loves about her role and how she’s seen LOCALiQ solutions help businesses grow.

Hi, Leslie! Thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. Let’s start with a little background on who you are.

Strategic marketing expert, avid writer, Starbucks addict, dog lover, Netflix binger, and outdoor adventure enthusiast are all ways to describe me. As a seasoned Digital Marketing Consultant with over 13 years of experience, I help businesses increase leads, close more business, improve customer retention and, ultimately, make more money. Recently, I assisted one client with growing their website traffic by over 950%, reducing their cost per lead by 60% and increasing their leads by over 400%.

I joined ReachLocal in 2010, and since then have had the opportunity to partner with over 100 businesses and grow my skills in four different roles across three different states and offices, and am happy to be part of the USA TODAY NETWORK. When I’m not helping businesses dominate in their market, you can find me throwing toys for my two dogs, biking to nowhere on my Peloton, cheering on the Steelers and Tarheels, traveling with friends, or working on my personal website.

Wow, that’s awesome that you’ve been in this industry for over a decade! How did you get started?

After college, my first job was as a marketing and graphics coordinator for an engineering firm. Since then, I developed a real passion for marketing strategy. I thoroughly enjoy working in a continually evolving industry, creating comprehensive strategies, implementing those strategies, analyzing the results and revising the strategies based upon the results of the analysis. A little over eight years ago I started at ReachLocal and have loved getting to work with multiple businesses instead of a single business on achieving their goals.

You said you’ve worked with over 100 businesses on their marketing ““ what’s been the best part?

The most rewarding aspect of my job is helping clients grow their business. I love putting together and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies as well as assisting my clients in identifying internal opportunities to drive more leads and convert more of those leads. It’s a role where you can make amazing, tangible differences.

And you’ve seen many of those differences firsthand. In fact, a few of your clients have won awards for their LOCALiQ-led marketing campaigns. One of those clients is Mitchell Medical Group. Tell us about that relationship.

Mitchell Medical Group has been our client since 2011, but I began working with Dr. Mitchell and his team in the fall of 2014. At this time he was only running paid search marketing with us and wasn’t sure about the results he was receiving. After doing an in-depth review of his campaigns and marketing strategy together, we discovered that we were driving solid leads to his business but his team was struggling to convert the leads.

It was this discovery that really propelled our relationship forward because I put together a strategy to help them convert more leads. As a result, I was able to transition him to our website solution, SEO solution, and eventually our social ads solution.

I continue to work closely with him and his team on call handling, and our Client Center with Lead Engagement solution makes it extremely easy to analyze the leads and revise our lead handling strategy to increase his new patient numbers. Additionally, I advise him on and work with him and the LOCALiQ team on social media, SEO, video, and content strategies to continue to achieve his short-term and long-term marketing goals.

What solution would you say has made the biggest impact in their growth?

SEO has definitely made the greatest impact in terms of driving website traffic and lead growth. In fact we have seen 950% growth in his organic traffic since we took over his SEO strategy. And while LOCALiQ’s SEO solution remains a key component of his growth, Dr. Mitchell’s willingness to take action on strategies that I recommend, such as creating blog and video content, has really helped him excel with this solution.

What was Dr. Mitchell’s reaction when he started seeing these results from his LOCALiQ campaigns?

Dr. Mitchell is absolutely thrilled with his current results. While he was never unhappy, when we first started working together there was certainly room for improvement. Becoming a trusted and valued consultant to him is what paved the way for him to open up to trying more of our solutions, incorporating more of my advice and seeing what we can achieve for a client when they give us the reins to create and implement a strong multi-faceted internal and external marketing strategy.

It sounds like becoming a trusted partner to Dr. Mitchell has been beneficial for all parties involved. Why do you think being seen as a marketing partner rather than just a marketing solutions provider is so important?

While we can generate good results for any of our clients, my clients who get exceptional results and see the most growth are the ones who treat the relationship and marketing strategy as a team effort. They are the ones who I strategize with regularly, who understand the goals of each individual product or tactic, who take action on the advice given, and who also are willing to make internal changes if needed, like how Dr. Mitchell’s team updated their lead handling or other clients of mine who have created stronger referral programs.

I would imagine it’s rewarding to have clients see you, and LOCALiQ, as that partner in their growth. Is it?

Yes, the most rewarding part of what I do is definitely getting to partner with clients who see me as a trusted resource and valued member of their team. When this happens it makes it easy to achieve great results and growth for their business which is what this is really all about ““ helping my clients succeed.