Many business owners are hesitant to outsource their marketing efforts. Marketing may seem like a “nice to have,” not a must-have, and when budgets are tight, it’s often one of the first items to go.

But marketing is about a lot more than creating a Facebook post here or a Google ad there. And SEO is one of the biggest, most complicated aspects of an effective marketing strategy.

If you’ve been hesitant to outsource your SEO, I’ve got a few reasons why working with an SEO partner, well, works. They just might change your mind!

1. SEO Is Complicated & Ever-Changing

Google considers more than 200 factors when it comes to determining search results. Not only that, but they don’t formally disclose those factors, so even the most dedicated SEO professional is in the dark about every aspect that drives ranking.

But if SEO isn’t your whole life, you don’t really have the time to decode how these hundreds of factors are weighted. Not only that, but Google and other search engines are constantly moving the bar as well, adding new search performance factors or reevaluating the importance of existing ones.

For example, in summer 2019, Google rolled out a mobile-first indexing strategy. This change means that Google is now evaluating mobile sites, rather than their desktop counterparts, to define how search results are displayed. If your company had put countless hours into creating a site that looked beautiful on a computer but ran poorly on a phone, you may have discovered a sudden drop in your SEO performance on Google.

If SEO isn’t your full-time focus, and you don’t already have a killer SEO strategy, it’s nearly impossible to stay up-to-date on the ins and outs of best practices and make the necessary shifts to stay ahead of your competition,

2. Two (or Three or Four!) Heads Are Better Than One

Because SEO consists of so many moving parts, it’s great to have a team of people tweaking your strategy from all angles. Outsourcing your SEO means that it’s not just one poor employee on your internal team left to wade through hundreds of SEO how-to articles. Suddenly, you’re in the capable hands of experts who each have their own set of strengths they can apply to your business’s strategy.

Not only that, but SEO-focused agencies also have top-of-the-line analytics tools at their disposal. While it would be expensive to invest in these tools for your own business (and time-consuming for your non-expert team to sort through the data), an SEO partner already has the tools on-hand, knows how to use them, and more importantly, knows how to interpret results and share them with you in a way that makes sense to a non-SEO expert.

3. A Full-Time Hire is Costly

For most local businesses, the cost of hiring a new employee is over $7,000 dollars. And that’s not including the salary. Between supplies, space, salary, onboarding costs, and employee benefits, it all adds up pretty quickly!

Taking on an outside expert is often less costly. Plus, an internal hire focuses only on SEO for your business. While that sounds great in some respects, there is a downside.

SEO experts who work with multiple clients are constantly learning new tricks and hearing about new trends because they’re out there exploring SEO for lots of businesses. Plus, as they test new theories on other businesses and find that they work (or don’t), they can apply their learnings from other clients to what they do for your business.

4. SEO Has Ripple Effects

SEO is about more than just getting your website to perform well in search results. A great SEO strategy means improvements across your entire online presence.

You need to build up backlinks and local listings to boost your SEO, which in turn broadens the scope of your visibility online. A smart SEO strategy unifies what’s happening on your website with your social media efforts, getting all of your pages to perform better in SERPs. And, SEO and your website go hand-in-hand — without a really well-built website, it’s nearly impossible to improve your SEO. This includes items on the backend of your website like page speed, schema markup, site structure — like siloed pages — and more.

When you work to improve your SEO, you actually do a great service to all of your digital marketing efforts.

5. You Can Focus on What You Do Best

You’re not an SEO expert, and it’s not what you set out to do when you started your business! You got into this because you’re passionate about your company and your industry, not digital marketing.

By handing your SEO efforts off to a pro, you leave yourself with the free time to do what you do best. You can focus on big-picture strategy for your business — the kind of work that drives growth and ensures long-term success. You will have the time to build relationships and increase the chances of impacting your bottom line.

SEO is a critical part of any business’s online marketing strategy. But creating a truly great SEO strategy can be complicated and time-consuming. Rather than losing valuable time to SEO, why not hire a partner that can get you there with fewer headaches and deliver greater results?

Take a look at our SEO solutions, and see if they’re the right fit for you.

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