The majority of today’s searches are happening on mobile devices. That means consumers are looking for answers as they’re on the go. And, when consumers are on the go, they don’t have time to sift through endless results ““ chances are, they’re going to go with one of the first businesses that comes across their field of vision.

What can you do to ensure that your company’s name is one that they see? Here are some quick tips for reaching consumers on the go.

1. Create a Mobile-Friendly Web Presence

The first step toward effective mobile marketing is a mobile-friendly website. This means your website should be mobile-friendly or responsive in the way it’s architected, and the design should include easy to read content that’s not too crowded or cluttered with information, graphics, and slow-loading CSS and JavaScript content. A clean, simple HTML-based site with well-written copy and appealing visuals is the way to stand out on mobile.

Beyond your website, you want to set up your Google My Business page so that your information is showing up front and center in search results and maps. Taking control of your local listings also allows you to claim more real estate on SERPs and to show up on other sites or apps (like Yelp or Facebook), where someone might look beyond a traditional search engine. I know I personally use the Yelp app when I’m out and about almost as much as I use my Google Maps app.

2. Appear at the Top of Search with Paid Search

Creating a mobile-friendly website and establishing your presence on local listings gives you a great shot at dominating in organic search results. But you should also be including paid search marketing in your mobile marketing efforts.

Paid search allows you to bid for advertising space that shows your business for relevant searches before organic links. When people are on the go, they’re not going to scroll search results thoroughly, so putting your name at the top of any SERP gives you a much greater chance of being the link that they actually click on. And, paid search allows you to use ad extensions that can help you show up in local searches, like with the location extension.

3. Try Geofencing Technology

Geofencing is a clever mobile marketing method that ensures you’re getting seen by consumers at exactly the right time. The technology allows you to establish a perimeter around your business (or your competitors’ businesses!), and when the GPS on someone’s phone indicates that they’ve entered that space, they receive a targeted message or offer from your business.

Geofencing provides you with some interesting mobile marketing opportunities. You can catch the attention of consumers who might be passing by and not yet know about your business. If you establish the geofence around your competitor’s business, you have the potential to interrupt a consumer on their way to do business there and tempt them with a promotional offer or a compelling sales pitch.

Check out this infographic for more info on how geofencing works to reach consumers on the go.

4. Use Organic & Paid Social

When consumers aren’t looking for local businesses on search engines, you can be sure they’re scrolling through one of their social media apps for suggestions. Establish a page for your business on the most popular and relevant social media sites. This makes it easy for consumers to find you there if they aren’t searching for your business on Google or Bing.

Generating organic content is an important part of mobile marketing too. While a mobile searcher who’s looking for a business on the go might not take the time to read carefully through all your posts, simply having an active presence on social media gives your business an air of credibility and quickly builds trust.

Finally, paid social ads allow you to appear in consumers’ News Feeds as they’re scrolling through their social apps. They might not be actively searching for a business, but perhaps seeing your ad come across their feed will remind them that they need a product or service you offer and will turn to you for their solution!

More and more frequently, consumers are turning to mobile devices for help finding a business while they’re out and about. Making sure that your company has a robust presence on mobile ““ from paid search efforts to a stellar website to strong social content ““ is the best way to get noticed by consumers, no matter what channel they turn to for advice on the go. Contact us today to learn how our mobile marketing experts can help you reach consumers on the go.

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