There are endless options when it comes to online marketing, so it can be extremely overwhelming when trying to choose what might work best for your business. When it comes to setting aside your hard-earned dollars to invest in your online presence, you want to be sure your money is spent on advertising that will do what you expect it to — maximize visibility of your website and get your business noticed online.

Two tactics that work well for this are Facebook advertising and search marketing. Therefore, combining Facebook advertising with search marketing can help fuel your online presence while increasing brand awareness and driving more visitors to your website.

First of All, Why Facebook Advertising?

Think about the last time you picked up your phone and opened the Facebook app. You most likely came across a few ads or a brand’s account that sparked your interest and sent you off into a search for a product you’re now wanting. In 2017, 76% of consumers made a purchase after seeing a brand’s social media post with 11% buying online immediately and 44% buying online at a different time.

If that’s not enough of a reason to invest in Facebook advertising, there are more than 2 billion active users on the social media platform. When you run Facebook advertising, you choose to put your business in front of a specific target audience depending on age, demographics, location, gender, and more. Not every single Facebook user will see your ad, instead, you will get your business in front of the people you want to target and the clickable ads on a user’s timeline will drive traffic to your website.

Facebook Advertising Makes for Smarter Searches (and Better Search Marketing Results)

You’re probably thinking since Facebook advertising seems so successful, why does a business’s marketing strategy ALSO need to include search engine marketing? When your target audience is looking for a specific product or business, they don’t want to scroll through Facebook until they find what they want. Instead, they’re turning to their preferred search engine to find it fast, and paid search marketing can give you the ability to put your name at the top of their search engine results page (SERP).

Let’s say the 44% of consumers that saw your ad and choose to visit your website at another time forget the name of your business but remember what your ad said. They will type the keywords from your ad into their search engine and find your business that way. In return, this can also help build your SEO strategy by driving organic traffic to your site and giving you insight into how searchers are looking for you. Not only do Facebook ads help bring searchers to your website, but they also educate users on keywords to search for when using their search engine. Search marketing and Facebook advertising can be thought of as a virtuous circle.

Building a Complementary Strategy

When choosing a way to build your marketing strategy, you should invest in efforts that will strengthen each other. Paid search marketing and Facebook advertising are great by themselves but even stronger together, so combining the two will make a successful formula to grow your online presence, drive traffic to your website, and turn searchers into customers.

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