Social media is a place for conversations and interactions, not monologues. If your social media marketing approach is to pump out advertising content and not set time aside for interacting with your followers, or reading, commenting on, and sharing relevant content from others, you’re likely talking to yourself a lot of the time. Here are some ways you can fine-tune your social media marketing efforts to improve your business’s sites.

Be Active

If you’d like better results from your social media marketing (and who wouldn’t?), take a look at the effort you and your eam put into actually interacting on social media. It doesn’t have to be one person’s responsibility. If you set up social media best practices and “rules of engagement,” you can have several people sharing the work of actively participating, which makes a more interesting experience for your followers. It can also broaden your company’s exposure when those employees share and discuss content on their personal or professional pages.

Managing social media effectively can be a time-eater, and one way you can tame that beast is working with a team of experts who will create and manage most or all of your social media activities for you, leaving you more time to add your personal presence and interaction with followers.

Read content from authoritative sources and share that content with your own followers when you read something that you strongly agree with. Be sure to give credit and a link back to the original source. Not only will you be providing variety and expert support for your own content, but you may also begin to establish online relationships with those authority voices, allowing you a chance to expose their following to your content as well.

Choose Social Media Platforms Wisely

Who are your most likely buyers, and which social media platform do they use most? If you’re after consumers, Facebook is still a strong bet, with 2.19 billion monthly active users. If your most likely buyers are businesses, your time may be better spent on LinkedIn. If you’re working with a company to optimize your SEO and social media, they’ll be able to help you narrow your focus and more precisely target the hottest prospects by putting the right content in the right place.

Instagram is a strong contender for many types of buyers, but it’s important to understand that Instagram is a visual medium first and foremost. The majority of Instagram users will appreciate and share posts that present an effective visual message. Written content doesn’t fare as well here, even when it’s accompanied by good visuals. If you’ve already got great photography and graphics happening as a part of your business or marketing strategy, you may find Instagram provides a strong bonus when you post effective visuals you were producing anyway.

Twitter can be highly effective for certain types of social media marketing, but it’s also a more time-consuming medium than others, so it’s not always the right choice for smaller businesses, where time and personnel available to dedicate to social media marketing are limited.

Choose Content that Accomplishes Your Goals

That may sound like an obvious statement, but it’s one place where a lot of local businesses give away opportunities to reach more people and build recognition of their name and products or services. If your company is planning or already involved in social media marketing, you should have specific goals, like increasing lead generation by X%, and general goals like building brand recognition and credibility. Once those goals are established, some of the ways to reach them are straightforward, like posting more content and creating higher quality content that viewers will want to share with other viable prospects. The more active your followers are on your social media pages, the more often they’ll be shown your latest posts, and the more often your content will be suggested to other users who demonstrate similar or related interests.

If you’re working with a marketing company to coordinate and manage your social media marketing, they may have content writers working to keep a fresh stream of new material flowing through your social media pages, either through content curation or by helping populate your company blog. You may want to consider asking employees to contribute content, too. Every post doesn’t need to be an SEO-optimized, 1,000-word piece. Ask employees from various departments or job categories to contribute a short (or longer, if they like to write) interest post once a month. These could be anything from “Have You Ever Wondered How we Get the Tread on our Shoes?” to “Meet Bob, our Quality Assurance Officer.” Anything that viewers will find interesting and shareable, or things that build a sense of familiarity between your company and employees and your social media followers. You can also turn topics like these over to your marketing partner for their content writers to flesh out for you. Try hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session by going live on Facebook, then post the recorded version on your page for people to view and share later.

Don’t forget about search engine optimization (SEO). Posts you make on social media can be found by search engines and presented to users in their search engine result page (SERP). Professionally written copy will use some more advanced SEO techniques to help your content appear in as many relevant SERPs as possible, but even short, simple posts written in-house can help your organic SEO if you include basics like the company name, specific products or services and related terms people might use to search for them, and a location term. Don’t get carried away trying to stuff keywords in, because search engines actually penalize content that is obviously cramming keywords into their content. Just write in a natural way and vary the wording you use a little to cover the most obvious search terms that relate to the post. Social media marketing is about building connections with humans, not gaming the search engines.

Consistency is King in Social Media Marketing

You’ve probably heard over and over again that content is king, but in truth, content is actually a close second to consistency when it comes to social media marketing. If you’re looking for ways to get your social media marketing program running better and delivering a stronger return on your time, effort, and financial investments, start by choosing the right marketing partner for your company’s social media marketing, and work with us to create a consistent stream of valuable content for your prospects and customers.

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