When was the last time you went a day without checking your social media pages? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. The deeply interconnected way we lead our lives online means that not only are we using social media to connect with friends and family, but it has become a vehicle to research, learn, and shop. Social media is the proverbial “town square” of the internet. According to Facebook, a recent global survey revealed that 72% of people believe community exists online as much as it does offline, and 74% of people now expect brands to actively contribute to society.

For local businesses, this global shift towards social advertising is incredibly democratizing. Everyone can be a marketer with the right tools and resources. We spoke with Adam Lopez, a senior Facebook advertising expert with LOCALiQ, about how Facebook advertising gives you immediate access to over 1 billon people online and allows you to meet your customers where they likely are, on social media.

Here are this expert’s top tips to help your small business get started with Facebook advertising.

Make Your Facebook Ads Mobile Friendly

It’s important to remember that digital consumers spend nearly 2.5 hours on social networks every day, and a reported 69% of U.S. adults use at least one social media site. With this data in hand, small business advertisers need to ensure that the ads they put into this space are mobile optimized and mobile-friendly.

“More often than not, I see people writing long-winded copy. The initial copy should be short and succinct,” said Lopez. Like ad copy, the imagery or creative should align with the optimal mobile user experience as well. “With mobile, you have the option to use the new square form of an image rather than the old landscape option, and that looks awesome in the mobile feed,” said Lopez.

Create a Strategy for Your Facebook Ads

Keep a continued focus on the overall strategy. It’s critical to think not only about the end goal but about the user’s end experience as well. For example, if the goal is to sell basketballs and the e-commerce experience on the website is clunky or outdated, your Facebook advertising dollars will not be as effective.

“The landing page or destination should be conducive to the ad experience,” said Lopez. “Keep the entire marketing strategy cohesive.” Along these same lines, choose the ad objective that best aligns with your end goal, whether that’s traffic, web conversions, or something else. And, make sure that your campaign goal is set up as the correct objective on Facebook in order to optimize correctly.

Great Creative is Key When it Comes to Facebook Ads

Think about each time you’re mindlessly scrolling on social media, what is it that causes you to stop or pause? More often than not, it’s a beautiful image or engaging video. Before investing hard-earned company dollars in social advertising, take the necessary steps to make sure you have well-crafted creative assets that are authentic to your business.

According to Lopez, “You want creative that will make somebody stop scrolling. Find authentic assets, invest in good creative on the front end. Pull out your iPhone, record video if you can. Put yourself in the shoes of somebody experiencing that ad for the first time.”

Know Your Audience, or Know Who They Aren’t on Facebook

Who you think you should target on Facebook vs. who is actually engaging with your ads might be vastly different. Your ideal audience on Facebook might look different than the people who interact with your business in other ways. When setting up targeting, “starting broad is sometimes the best way to figure out who this audience is, open it up and see who might engage with your ad and then narrow it down from there,” said Lopez.

The takeaway here is to either know your audience very well or to be open to adjusting who you think this group is, don’t pigeonhole yourself or your brand.

Start with Post Engagement

If you’re new to Facebook advertising and unsure what ad objective is best for you, a great place to start is with page post engagement as a first objective. Think of it as a universal blood type, it not only can be used to encourage engagement with your ads, but it can also help push traffic to your website and even drive sales. And a quick tip here is to use a single image rather than a carousel. It’s more effective at driving a solid clickthrough rate than many images in a carousel would be.

Save Time with One Click

Facebook Ads Manager recently created a new efficiency for previewing your own ads. In the past, it was a manual process to copy and paste your ad URL into a new browser to view the ad preview. Now, within Ads Manager you can simply click on the preview url button to preview the new destination with only one click.

Whether you’re re-engaging a loyal customer or harnessing new business, you can scale your business goals fast and reliably with Facebook advertising. To make things even easier, Facebook will soon be releasing tools for beginner advertisers that will allow you to input your goal, your target audience, create multiple iterations of copy and creative, and then A/B test that ad for optimization and performance. For Adam Lopez, it’s the needs of the local business owner that keep him tuned in to their marketing goals, “I love helping the little guys, those SMBs who may only have $500 per month to spend. If I can help them see results and ROI, that makes me the happiest!”

To learn how someone like Adam Lopez from LOCALiQ can help you reach your Facebook marketing goals, contact us today.

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