The power of Facebook is undeniable. From social connections to second-hand goods and now even candidate recruitment, it’s transforming the way we operate in many different industries. With so many recruitment options available it can seem overwhelming to fully harness the potential of the platform. It’s easy to spend time and money attracting the wrong applicants.  Use our  LOCALiQ  Facebook Recruitment guide to leverage the social platform in the best, most cost-effective, ways for your business.   


Did You Know?  

87% of recruiters use LinkedIn but only 55% use Facebook. 


Still not convinced?   

We understand – Facebook has been the social platform of users for years. LinkedIn was the only social media platform really designed to connect job seekers with potential roles, but with the launch of Facebook’s Jobs dashboard last year, the company is changing the playing field, and now’s the time to join the team.   

The Facebook Recruitment platform is still in its early days, which means competition is lower than on more established recruitment platforms like LinkedIn. Less competition means a lower CPC for your ads with less noise to try and break through – we call that a win-win.  


How do I use Facebook to find candidates?  


Did You Know?  

59% of candidates use social media to research companies they are interested in.


Potential candidates that already follow you are likely to have a better understanding of your employer brand and philosophy and are more likely to be a good fit for your company. (Read our tips guide on creating a great employer brand here.)  

These  Facebook  career  pages allow recruiters to  target both active job seekers – those keeping an eye out for new career postings- along with passive candidates – those who might make a move for the right position.   

Ensure your career page is not just a job posting board by sharing content that highlights your company values and culture. Keep both active and passive followers engaged and enthusiastic about your company!   

There are five ways to reach prospective candidates on Facebook: the Facebook Jobs Board, your company Facebook page jobs tab, the audience news feed, your Facebook wall and sponsored posts. Leveraging all of these at once will increase your reach dramatically when compared to traditional job site postings, especially if you work with a team that knows how to make the most of Facebook’s  razor-sharp  audience targeting.   

Candidates will see an “Apply Now button” that takes them to a form pre-populated with information from their profile. Candidates can make a quick edit then hit ‘Apply’. It’s that simple.   


How can  LOCALiQ  RECRUITMENT help me?  


Did You Know?  

69% of active candidates are more likely to apply for a job at a company which manages its employer brand. 


LOCALiQ  RECRUITMENT has a range of tools designed to harness the power of Facebook recruiting and match employers with the best candidates for a role. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you leverage this social media giant.   

Build your Employer Social Media Presence  

If you aren’t already on Facebook, or you’re looking to create a career-focused Facebook page, we’ll set up the new accounts for you, ensuring that any new social presence is in keeping with existing accounts and branding.   

Share the Best Career Content on Social  

We will work with you to create compelling career-focused content to drive engagement every week. We’ll also engage with your existing audience and help find new followers to drive your fan base.  

Monitor your Employer Brand with Brand Listening and Review Management  

We’ll monitor your pages for comments, conversations, and reviews and flag anything to you that needs attention. We’ll also share relevant insights that can help improve your candidate search.   


Reach the Right Audience with Facebook Targeted Ad Posting  


We’ll take your job posting and make sure it appears across all five of Facebook’s possible placements. Our in-depth understanding of Facebook Audiences means we can navigate deep layers of audiences targeting that Facebook offers and then apply smart optimization to ensure you get the best return on your ad investment.  


Know What’s Working with Monthly Reporting  

We’ll send you regular updates letting you know the total number of applications received for a role and a summary of your ad performance each month.  Plus,  you can check in on progress at any time by logging into our reporting platform, the  LOCALiQ  Client Center.  

Book a meeting with our sales team today and harness the power of Facebook to work for you!  


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