One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is finding gift inspiration from the brands I follow on social media. I start with an idea of what I might get someone, which leads me to search their Instagram page where most brands spell out exactly what I need and why. I’m always sold, and I know I’m not the only one! In fact, 1 in 8 holiday shoppers are influenced by the internet when making a purchase.

Is your business taking advantage of the spending season and posting content on social media that will get consumers in the shopping spirit? Think about the creative holiday social posts that your favorite brands create during this time of year. If you’re trying to bring in holiday shoppers, give them the content they want! And, if you’re thinking it’s too far into December to get creative with your holiday social posts, think again. Super Saturday, the Saturday before Christmas, is panic mode for last-minute holiday shoppers. Generation X alone spent over $204k on gifts on Super Saturday in 2019. It’s basically the Black Friday of December.

Now is the perfect time to create and post holiday content on your social platforms. Here are four social post ideas from a few popular brands that you can easily recreate.

1. Repost Content from a Consumer

alo yoga

Instagram account: aloyoga

Lots of brands repost content from consumers year-round but doing this during the holiday season is a strategic move to show unique ways that consumers are using your brand in their day-to-day (and why other consumers need to buy it!). ALOYOGA did an awesome job at this by sharing a video of a mom and child doing yoga together with a caption about a portion of their proceeds going to schoolkids.

How to recreate this:

Is your business giving back this holiday season or offering a limited time discount for your social media followers? Repost a picture from a past consumer that corresponds with your brand values along with a discount code or the name of the charity where a portion of proceeds are going. You want to show consumers why they need it to buy from you just like the person in the photo!

2. 12 Days of Something


Instagram account: theellenshow 

The Ellen Show is hosting 12 days of giveaways on the EllenTube Instagram account to give followers a chance to win every giveaway the audience wins. How awesome is that? So many brands put their own spin on the 12 days leading up to Christmas, and 12 days of giveaways is just one of the unique ways you can give back to your consumers. And, if you tailor your giveaway guidelines around your social media goals, this is a great way to meet them before the end of the year while bringing in new buyers!

How to recreate this: 

Twelve days of giveaways is super easy to recreate, and you don’t have to launch a full-on campaign to benefit from this concept. Create one social post as a giveaway for the most popular product or service you offer and tailor the rules of entering the giveaway around growing your social platform. This could be asking consumers to like your photo, leave a comment on the photo, follow you on Instagram, tag a friend in the comments, and so on!

3. Hear from Your Customers

Here's a holiday social post idea from Nordstrom.

Instagram account: nordstrom 

Nordstrom launched a #ThisIsGiving social campaign where they ask customers in-store to explain the story behind a memorable gift they’ve received in the past. The brand has been sharing several of these touching videos on their Instagram throughout the month of December. The campaign takes consumers down memory lane of past gifts they’re received and gives those watching the video an idea of what they could buy for themselves or a loved one (preferably from Nordstrom!).

How to recreate this:

Go in-store and let your customers create the content for you. People love to hear from past customers and their experience with your product or service. Ask customers to share a time they gifted or received a gift from your business or how they use the product or service you provide. You sell your products all year, so giving consumers a chance to do it for you could be super refreshing for your brand!

4. Highlight Your Products as Gifts

Here's a holiday social post idea from World Market.

Instagram account: worldmarket 

World Market did an awesome job at convincing me I needed everything in this picture. They have all of the best gifts to give (and receive!) and added a persuasive caption to explain why consumers needed affordable stocking stuffers.

How to recreate this: 

Let the photo speak for itself, but also write a persuasive caption that explains exactly why consumers need the items and what they could use them for. Sometimes buyers need to be told why they need a product!

Feeling inspired to fill your social platform with holiday content? Use one of the examples we’ve outlined above to get your business in the holiday spirit. If you’re ready to take your holiday content up a notch, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn more.