Like a lot of small to mid-sized businesses, many car dealerships focus most of their digital marketing strategy on digital advertising without giving a lot of thought to organic online tactics which can help boost engagement with their current customers and prospects.  

Digital advertising such as search marketing and targeted display are important components of a strong automotive marketing strategy. However, organic social media marketing can be an important way to reach people who have already connected with your brand, as well as ready-to-buy consumers who are still narrowing down their choice of dealership to visit. What distinguishes your dealership from the competition? Are you engaging with your sales customers to convert them into loyal service customers? 

In today’s auto shopper customer journey, most of the initial research and consideration of what dealer to visit in person is done through online activity. If your online dealership presence is lacking, you may lose out to the competition. Social media marketing offers a way for car dealerships and auto groups to provide valuable and interesting information to in-market auto shoppers, and be top of mind when it counts. 

Here Are 3 Social Media Tips for Automotive Marketers: 

1. Set Your Dealership Up as a Trusted Source of Helpful Information for Car Buyers in Your Area. 

Buying a car, truck or SUV is a huge investment and not something people are going to do as casually as hitting up a burger joint. They need to do research, look at potential price points, figure out their budget, and decide what vehicle is right for them. Post-purchase, vehicle owners value their investment. They paid a lot of money for their new vehicle, so they want to take care of it and get as much us out of it as possible. In both the sales and service scenario, auto consumers want to identify a dealership they can trust with great customer service ratings and reliable service offerings they can afford. 

Help demystify the car buying process while informing and engaging along the way. 

Social media content starters for your dealership: 

  • Create and post video and written reviews on new and upcoming vehicles to help you reach interested consumers. 
  • Film walk-throughs on new vehicles and feature sets or use Facebook live or Instagram stories to walk through the showroom and give a peek at the newest models or a hard to find certified pre-owned vehicle. 
  • Collaborate with a member of your service team to brainstorm common service and maintenance tips drivers should follow. Even a simple Facebook post about the importance of oil changes regularly shows users that you are knowledgeable about your product and are looking to engage with the community. 
  • Do a video showing a service tech performing a common service job while your Service Director talks about manufacturer certification and any complimentary services you offer to customers, like shuttles, loaner cars, or amenities in the waiting room. 


2. Encourage Engagement on Your Social Media Platforms. 

Social media is intended for engagement. You want to encourage people to leave comments and reviews and to interact with one another. Social media engagement doesn’t just happen. Clicks and likes won’t drop in your lap – you have to work for them. 

And, yes, that takes time and effort. We know social media management is time consuming, and your social media lead is probably also managing responding to and assigning web leads and many other day-to-day tasks. An automotive marketing partner can help you manage your social media channels from content posts to review responses, so you and your team can focus on driving sales. If you have a partner to take on the social media management workload, you have the chance for a more strategic approach and increased activity—both of which can boost organic social media engagement. 


3. Expand Your Reach on Social Media with Social Media Ads. 

Once you have a solid organic social presence for your dealership, you can expand your reach with social media advertising. Facebook advertising gives you a way to reach more potential buyers in your area. Plus, with action goals and sophisticated audience targeting, you can make sure the right people are seeing your content, information, and deals. You can even target based on purchase intent. 

You might try running a social ad campaign around an upcoming sale or to announce a new model launch. Driving awareness for your dealership can be as simple as running a social ad campaign targeting consumers in your area, or you can dig into custom audiences. There are a lot of great options available when it comes to social ads that can perfectly complement your dealership digital marketing strategy. 

Because social media marketing is constantly evolving and changing, there will always be new opportunities to leverage your digital presence. We can help you boost your social media presence, engagement and reach, plus recommend complimentary digital advertising solutions like social adsbranded content, and targeted display.  


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