With over one billion daily users, Facebook is a great place to advertise your business. Their advertising platform allows you to direct your messaging at highly targeted groups, ensuring your Facebook ads are seen by only the most relevant prospects.

Plus, Facebook offers advertisers a wide variety of ad types to choose from. One such type is their Lead Ads, which offer some unique benefits to marketers. Let’s chat about the ins and outs of Facebook Lead Ads, including how your business can benefit from them.

What Is a Facebook Lead Ad?

First, let’s take a quick look at the components of Facebook Lead Ads and what makes them different. Facebook ads were designed to address a specific issue that marketers were facing among mobile users: It’s hard to fill out forms on your phone!

At the same time, more and more users were accessing Facebook on mobile devices. This left business owners in a bit of a pickle. They wanted a way to reach the broadest audience on mobile and collect valuable contact information from qualified leads, but consumers were seeing the form and passing right by!

Enter Facebook Lead Ads. These Facebook ads contain forms, but they’re pre-populated with the contact information that Facebook already has on file for that person. Consumers click on the ad, confirm that the pre-filled information is correct, and then with one tap can access the offer.

Meanwhile, business owners seamlessly collect the prospect’s information via Facebook’s advertising platform. It’s a win-win for consumer and business owner!

Design Facebook Ads that Make Sense for You

Lead Ads are flexible in terms of the kinds of offers you can make. If yours is a B2B business, you can advertise your newsletter subscription. If you’re a contractor or home remodeler, you can use Facebook ads offer quotes.

You can also create several different Lead Ads that speak to prospects at different stages of their journey. That same B2B company may wish to target those at the top of the funnel with an offer to sign up for a newsletter or access a free ebook. But for prospects who are further down the funnel, the company can target them with ads about an upcoming event and a pre-filled form so that they can register for the event.

Collect the Information You Want

In addition to tailoring the content of the ad itself, you can also define the information you’d like to collect. Facebook allows you to rely on form fields they’ve created, or you can customize one of your own!

If you’re looking for inspiration or want suggestions on the types of form fields to include for your ad, Facebook has designed form field options for certain business categories. So if you work in, say, auto insurance, e-commerce, or education, you can use Facebook’s pre-designed fields for those categories. Lead Ads allow you to ask for the information that’s most relevant for your business, so you can get the most out of each qualified lead.

Connect With Your CRM

Of course, if this information were to remain in a Facebook vacuum, it wouldn’t be of much help to you. That’s why Facebook allows you to funnel the information you collect via their Lead Ads into your broader CRM platform.

It’s important to have a centralized place for all of your valuable marketing information. Routing the information you collect on qualified leads via Facebook into your CRM tool makes it easier for you to keep track of leads and identify if and when they’re interacting with your brand on other channels. It also gives you the opportunity to target them via other channels, whether that be with retargeting via paid search or through targeted email marketing offers.

Facebook Lead Ads reduce the friction that comes with collecting important information about valuable leads. No one wants to fill out a form (particularly not on a tiny phone screen!), so when you can take care of that step for them, they’re all the more likely to convert and take the next step down the funnel with your business.

If you’re looking for help with Facebook ads, Facebook marketing, or social media marketing in general, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our social ads offerings, and reach out to see what we can do for you.

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