If social media is part of your marketing strategy, staying up-to-date on the latest social media trends is important. You want to understand what’s new, how (or if you should) implement these trends into your marketing strategy, and how they can help you engage with and grow your audience. Whether you realize it or not, you’ve most likely spent a good amount of time this year creating content that your customers might enjoy on Instagram Stories or through videos to post on social media, and keeping up with the ever-changing algorithms to ensure your content is getting seen.

As the new year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to revisit past campaigns, social media posts, and analytics to help you prepare for a successful 2019 in the world of social media marketing.

We’ve done our research, so let’s reminisce on what was actually a big deal in social media this past year…

Video Content

You’ve probably watched the multiple video ads on your Facebook timeline from your favorite clothing store or seen the viral videos shared from news sources or friends and family. It’s most likely no surprise to you that video content was a big deal in 2018. Videos have been key to engaging your audience and growing a following, and with many social media algorithms adjusted around interactions and engagement, businesses spent 2018 perfecting their video marketing strategy and putting out content worth viewing to stay relevant to your timeline, feed, and all the above. But professional video content was not the only thing that dominated in 2018. Sharing video clips in real-time quickly become another popular trend many businesses implemented in their marketing strategy.

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories gave businesses a way to interact with consumers on a personal level, and it quickly became the top engaging aspect of the photo-sharing social media platform. More than 400 people use Instagram Stories every day, with 1/3 of the most viewed Stories coming from business accounts. Brands found they could utilize Stories to update consumers on information they needed, and in return would receive direct messages from consumers engaging with their everyday content. After all, 20% of Stories result in a direct message from viewers.


Many brands took video content to the next level by using GIFs to attract consumers scrolling through their social media feed. I always send GIFs to friends and family because they’re a great way to express my sense of humor without words. GIFs are such a fun way to communicate with others, it only makes sense they took a major leap into social media marketing this year. They offer a call-to-action in a form of communication that your audience can relate to. Let’s say your business promotes a product or service, GIFs are a way to highlight the features of what you offer in a visual that represents your brand without the cost behind professional video photography.

GIFs also came alive in Instagram Stories this year and gave brands a way to add more visually appealing content to their 24-hour story. Giphy has the world’s largest library of GIFs and partnered with Instagram in early 2018 to give users stickers and animated GIFs to add to their story.

Advertising on Facebook

If you’re social media savvy, this 2018 trend is no surprise to you. One of the most popular trends that took a rise in 2018 is none other than Facebook advertising. Facebook has evolved tremendously since its launch in 2004, and most users now access Facebook on their smartphone via the Facebook app. This year, 75% of all Facebook users access the social media platform through their mobile device. Businesses took advantage of mobile advertising through Facebook by implementing video ads, boosted page posts, carousel ads highlighting multiple products or services, and more. There are almost 2 billion active users on Facebook, which makes it the current most popular social media platform today. This trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so if you’ve yet to advertise your business on Facebook, the new year is a great time to start. And, combining Facebook advertising with other digital marketing strategies will only boost your online presence.

So, as you wrap up 2018 and look back on your successful marketing efforts, keep doing what worked for your business and adapt the new strategies that 2019 will bring.

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