Ready to target in-market shoppers with social media ads that highlight your in-stock vehicles? Vehicles those shoppers have already researched, searched or viewed – and that are sitting on your lot right now? You can, when your dealership uses dynamic creative to automatically pull vehicle images, payments, descriptions, etc. and create the right social ads. And then deliver them to right shoppers. 

The evolving terms and technology surrounding dynamic creative can be a bit confusing (but there’s no mistaking the results). That’s why we’re delving into:  

  • Facebook dynamic creative social ads that do the work for you. 

  • Facebook social ads with dynamic creative for automotive – or Facebook automotive inventory ads? 

  • Social media success stories – other dealerships’ results for now, but in the future, we’d like to hear about (or help be a part of) your digital marketing wins!   


Social Ads: Get Dynamic with Creative  


It all starts with dynamic creative. This technological breakthrough takes multiple ad components – photos, APR, videos, specials, etc. – and, based on specific parameters, automatically generates and optimizes social media ads across audiences. Dynamic creative makes it easy to target prospects, and retarget customers who’ve already visited your dealership’s website, with inventory they’ve shown an interest in. It’s a type of digital marketing that’s proven to be mighty effective. 


Which Is It: Dynamic Creative for Automotive or Automotive Inventory Ads? 


As much as “Facebook social ads with dynamic creative for automotive” trips off the tongue, Mr. Z. and company decided to rebrand with a more manageable name: “Facebook automotive inventory ads.” (That’s 23 fewer characters, in case anyone’s counting.) There’s no difference between the two. 

But there is a difference between dynamic creative and Facebook automotive inventory ads, although they’re often used interchangeably, even here. The latter was designed specifically for auto dealerships and is optimized for people who are in-market for a vehicle. Auto inventory ads offer features that general dynamic ads don’t, including: 

  • Retargeting for new and used car inventory with real-time availability and pricing  

  • Prospecting for automotive intenders through lookalike audiences 

Plus, dealerships can upload their entire vehicle inventory with auto specific fields like make, model, body style and fuel type. Ads are then automatically generated with the most compelling inventory to in-market car buyers – driving them to vehicle detail pages, lead submission forms and more. 

Want to transition from dynamic ads to automotive inventory ads? Check out: How to Switch from Using Dynamic Ads to Using Automotive Inventory Ads

Get best practices for automotive inventory ads – including Facebook pixel, mobile SDK, data feed, tracking and more. If it’s more tech than you’ve got time for, that’s why we’re here! 


Auto Inventory Ads Work: Stories of Success 


DARCARS Automotive Group 

Goal: Increase page views 

Solution: Showcase in-stock cars 

DARCARS ran dynamic ads featuring in-stock vehicles to increase dealership website traffic for three months – and the results?  

  • 92% lower cost per view than other ad platforms 

  • 66% lower cost per click 

  • 45,000+ vehicle detail page views 

  • 2.6 million people reached 

  • 5.5 million impressions 


Brown Chevrolet Buick GMC 

Goal: Generate leads for less 

Solution: Offer locals a deal 

Brown Chevrolet Buick GMC launched a locally targeted two-day Facebook campaign: lead ads, which automatically fill in lead generation forms with consumer information. And it paid off. 

  • 43% increase in website visits 

  • 63% increase in collected email leads  

  • 63% new customers visited dealership 

  • 12.5X return on ad spend 

  • 8 vehicles sold  


Get Ready to Get Social 


Think it’s time to start your dealership’s own dynamic creative success story? Automotive inventory ads are online now, waiting for your inventory feed of in-stock vehicles. Complete with images, videos, APR, monthly payments, features, options and more. And in-market car shoppers are – at this very minute – online researching, searching and viewing vehicles that could be yours.   


Contact us to learn more about making a dynamic – and profitable – entrance into the world of automotive inventory ads. 


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