Halloween is both a fun and frightening time. Dressing up, eating candy, seeing the trick-or-treaters, and watching scary movies — there’s nothing better. But, ghosts and ghouls aren’t the only thing that could be scary this season. If your business seems more like a graveyard with a lack of new customers walking in your doors or contacting you, you might be making these scary marketing mistakes.

But, have no fear! We’re here to guide you through the sometimes-spooky world of marketing and help you come out stronger and ready to brave a barrage of new customers.

Contact Info, Contact Info, Contact Info

If you say it three times, it won’t appear, unlike someone else we know…

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One of the most common scary marketing mistakes we see is a lack of attention paid to a business’s contact information — whether in ads or on their website.

The way you display your contact information is important. On your website, it should be prominently displayed on every page, and users should be able to click-to-call when they’re on their mobile device. It’s also important that your contact information is accurate no matter where it’s displayed and that users have multiple ways to contact you. Live chat and a form fill section on your website can help you gather contact information from everyone, that is, in the living world at least. In your print ads, you should also prominently display your contact information as well as a link to your website so users can easily get more information about your business.

Marketing is all about getting you in front of the right people, but that doesn’t work out too well if they have no idea how to take the next step to contact you when you are in front of them.

Delve Into the Magic of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is basically like magic: There are a lot of options that allow you to appear right in your customers’ phones. And we know people love their phones. Almost as much as people like me hate candy corn. So, if you’re not targeting people on their phones, you could really be missing out. Marketing mistakes by omission are just as scary, and sometimes more so, than marketing mistakes by commission.

Here’s one magical mobile marketing trick: Geofencing. Geofencing allows you to target consumers in a specific area with ads in their apps. So, you can target the neighborhood that gives out full-size candy bars at Halloween to get in front of a lot of new potential customers. Or, you can target an area around your business, your competitor’s business, or a business that complements yours.

And, this is only one mobile marketing option! There are a lot more, and there are ways to make your existing marketing more mobile-centric, like with your search marketing campaigns, ensuring you have a mobile-friendly website (which is super important), and more.

Follow Your Customers Everywhere

We’re not talking about stalking like some wolf creature.

Character from Teen Wolf movie

We’re talking about following them on the customer journey. Your business needs to be present everywhere your customers are, no matter where they are in their buying decision. If you know that your customers start out searching for businesses like yours on search engines, then check out review sites, then ask their social networks for recommendations on social media, you need to be in all those places.

In order to follow your customer’s every move, you first need to know who they are. You’ve gotta unmask them! So, how do you find out who your target audience actually is? We’ve got you covered with this handy dandy blog post all about finding your target audience.

And, once you know who your target audience is for sure, you need to be ready to adjust your marketing plan as your customers evolve and change their habits. Is your head spinning? We know, it sounds like a lot. But, with the right marketing partner, managing marketing mistakes can all be much easier than it sounds.

Speaking of the right marketing partner, why don’t you contact LOCALiQ? We’ll shine a ray of sunlight on any current marketing mistakes you’re making, and we’re a pretty good trick-or-treating buddy. Give us a call today!

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