We’ve all experienced difficult times, roadblocks, and setbacks. And while those are never fun, they don’t always have to be the worst things that happen to us. Jennifer Iannolo, a keynote speaker and coach who has worked with the United Nations, Harvard University, and more, turned her worse-case scenario into a new career path. And she has some words of advice for anyone who’s felt the pain of defeat, whether in business or in their personal lives.

As Jennifer shares on her episode of The Growth Lab Show, her successful food and wine podcasting career took a surprising tumble after she developed a number of allergies to the food and wine she loved and depended on for her livelihood. She suddenly found herself having to leave her passion behind and look for a backup plan.

She thought about what she wanted to do, where she wanted to go in her life, and more to discover a new passion. She started working with girls and women all around the world in a quest for them to empower themselves.

“The flaw of giving empowerment means that you can also take it away,” she said.

She writes about the idea of self-empowerment in No One is Coming: An Empowerment Manifesto. And, she shares some of these concepts with us on The Growth Lab Show ““ talking specifically about how business owners and people in the business world in general can use this concept to empower themselves to make decisions and ultimately live a happier life.

Download the Lab Notes here to get started on the journey to self-empowerment. And, listen to the episode on iTunes, our website, or wherever you get your podcasts. And don’t forget to subscribe and let us know what you think. Happy listening!

Want more from Jennifer? Check out this video below, then visit her site to say hi!

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