If you search YouTube for any type of inspiration, how-to video, quick tip, or DIY, you will find videos created by influencers that have thousands, and even millions, of views. With loyal subscribers and endorsement deals from major brands, many influencers are able to create a career out of their YouTube channel. Whether it’s traveling the world and documenting their adventures, sharing makeup tutorials, workout routines, and even recipes, influencers share their interests through video content and attract subscribers that want to see more.

There’s no denying that what they do and how they do it is extremely intriguing. And while you might not be looking for a way to become the next YouTube star, your brand could benefit from the same strategies influencers have built their channel on.

SO, how DO they do it, and what are the strategies YouTube influencers use to build a channel worth subscribing to?

Here are four strategies you can steal from YouTube influencers to build your business’s channel:

Be Consistent

Successful Youtubers are consistent when it comes to how they brand their videos. I’ve hit the subscribe button on numerous channels because of the way certain videos are branded. I know no matter what the video is about, it’s going to be interesting because of the way they present the information. Whether it’s the style of video, a person’s voice, or the valuable content they provide, you will notice that once YouTube influencers find what their audience likes about them, they stick with it.

Just like YouTube influencers stick with consistent branding for their videos, your business can do the same. Using the same style fonts, colors, transition, video style, and incorporating your logo will make your videos recognizable to your audience. The thumbnail, or cover, of your video is just as important as your video content. You can customize a thumbnail of your videos to have a consistent theme of photos and colors that users will recognize as your business. Think of a thumbnail like a book cover. It needs to be eye catching so people will want to click on it and see more.

Have a Posting Schedule

Along with consistent branding, how often you post your videos is super important. YouTube influencers like Aspyn and Parker and Alexandria Garza post a video each week and have their subscribers waiting for an email announcing a new video. If subscribers know they can expect a new video from you every week, they will look forward to it just like a weekly TV show. Did you know 60% of people prefer video platforms over live TV?

Take advantage of the consistent posting schedule that influencers follow and align it with your business objectives. You don’t have to post every week ““ you can base your posting schedule on the amount of content your business can produce and amplify it on your other social platforms.

Work with Others

I love it when I find videos of my favorite Youtubers collaborating. I’m always shocked that they know each other. It’s as if I’m the one who found both of them. But really, they know exactly what they’re doing (and it’s SO smart!). YouTube influencers know who their audience likes to watch, and they choose to collaborate with the influencers that attract new viewers while complementing their brand.

You can take advantage of this same strategy by working with businesses that complement your brand and producing content around that. This will not only bring a unique twist to the regular content you provide, but also put your brand in front of another business’s audience.

Let’s say you own a fitness studio and your YouTube channel provides at-home workouts and healthy tips for an audience of 18 to 24-year-olds. You choose to partner with a healthy food blogger and produce video content around healthy on-the-go lunch ideas. You’re introducing someone new with common interests that complements your brand, so you know your audience will be interested.

Have Authentic Content

Beyond consistent branding and over-the-top content, what gets users to hit the subscribe button is a YouTube influencer’s authentic personality. If I feel like the influencer is being genuine with their product reviews, I’ll end up buying it for myself. And, if I like their personality, I’ll trust their opinions.

Just like subscribers trust influencers, you want people to trust your business and view you as authentic. There’s no better way to stand out from your competitors than to be yourself and let the personality of your brand be the star of your video content. It’s hard to copy authenticity.

And, being authentic means you don’t have to rely on super-produced videos. Viewers are used to seeing cell phone or computer camera videos ““ so you don’t have to invest in a full video studio to engage with an audience on YouTube.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, video content isn’t going anywhere and should be a huge part of your business’s marketing strategy. And, combining your authentic brand into all aspects of the YouTube platform will help you grow a presence for your business. Contact us to see how we can help you drive awareness for your business through YouTube.