Paid online advertising encompasses a wide variety of channels and approaches. You’ve probably read about the benefits of social media and paid search. Hopefully, you’ve already incorporated some paid online advertising into your broader marketing strategy. But did you consider YouTube along the way?

There are several reasons to think about YouTube advertising. From the ubiquity of the platform to the cost and effectiveness of the ads themselves, YouTube is a useful advertising channel for local business owners.

If you’re looking for some cold, hard numbers to back up that claim, don’t worry. I’ve rounded up some of the most compelling statistics about YouTube’s effectiveness to prove to you that YouTube advertising works.

Everyone’s on YouTube

People are creating and consuming a staggering amount of content on YouTube. Users upload over 300 hours each minute and watch five billion videos every single day.

Who’s watching all those videos? Turns out that YouTube attracts two billion active users each month, which means that about a quarter of the global population is regularly active on the platform.

The number of users and the continuous mountain of content they’re creating should be a signal to marketers that YouTube is fertile ground for advertising efforts. It provides access to a huge population of potential customers, and the variety of content means that no matter what your ideal customers’ interests are, they can find something compelling to watch on YouTube.

YouTube Ads Are Inexpensive

When people think of video ads, they likely think of television. Maybe they conjure up images of those million-dollar Super Bowl ads and begin to fear that running video ads is a prohibitively expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. YouTube ads are relatively inexpensive. And for many types of YouTube ads, you only pay for the advertising when viewers consume more than 30 seconds of your content.

This pay-per-view model works in marketers’ favor. You can rest assured you’re only paying for advertising if your content has actually been viewed. Unlike with some other forms of advertising, where you invest upfront and have no way of knowing whether it’s seen, YouTube advertising ensures every penny you spend on running the ads reflects the fact that a prospect viewed the ad.

Learn more about the cost of YouTube advertising here.

People Watch YouTube Ads

We know that a lot of people are on YouTube and that advertising there is a great deal for businesses looking to create video content, but that doesn’t mean anything if the ads you create won’t actually be watched. Your next question may be, “Do people actually watch YouTube ads?”

The great news for marketers is that, yes, the majority of people do! In fact, according to a recent survey of consumers, 55% reported watching branded content daily on YouTube.

This willingness on the part of consumers to watch YouTube advertising and branded content should assuage marketers’ fears about wasting money on ads that will then sit there collecting dust. Most people on the video platform report engaging regularly with advertising.

You’ll Beat Your Competition to the Punch

Did you know that only 9% of local businesses have a presence on YouTube? That’s a shockingly small number! And that’s good news for savvy marketers: That YouTube field is wide open for you to come in, make your mark, and dominate in advertising.

Simply by establishing your profile on YouTube, you’re already lightyears ahead of the competition. Creating a handful of simple, well-targeted advertising campaigns will allow you to get noticed by the consumers on the platform who are most likely to be interested in your brand. And with your competition not even present on the platform, you don’t have to worry about how your ads stack up against those of any other brand ““ your ads are the only relevant ones they’ll find on there.

YouTube advertising is a smart, effective way to reach your audience through a medium they love engaging with. People are watching billions of videos each day, and you have a massive opportunity to attach your name to the content they’re already consuming at a mind-boggling pace.

If you’d like to get your YouTube advertising efforts off the ground (particularly before your competition catches on and moves into the space!), why not take a look at our video advertising services? We cover everything from video creation to campaign management to analytics.

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