Video has become a central part of many dealerships’ marketing strategies. Today’s consumers are hungry for video content, and the brands who create eye-catching, attention-holding video are likely to stand out. Plus, for many consumers right now, videos are what they’re counting on to help them make their car-buying decisions when they can’t make it into a dealership. 

When it comes to the kind of video you can create, the possibilities feel almost endless. But some types of video perform better than others. Today, let’s chat about the best kinds of video content to create for your dealership that will have people wanting to buy their next car from you. 

Show New Inventory 

Even for those who aren’t really into cars, video of the latest models can get them dreaming about that new-car smell. For dealerships, it’s a good idea to create video that shows off your latest inventory. 

It’s best practice to create real video, rather than stitching together a series of images. Include both interior and exterior shots of the vehicle so that viewers get a real sense of what they can expect to find when they come to your lot. Include video of the vehicle parked somewhere, gleaming in the sun, plus some footage of the car out on the road. 

If the car has features that will appeal to certain subsets of the population – like an entertainment system to keep kids busy while they ride in the back seat – highlight those special add-ons. The greater the sense you can give to viewers of what it would actually be like to own the vehicle, the better. 

Create Virtual Test Drives 

Making time to visit the dealership to do test drives is one of the most time-intensive parts of buying a car. And, right now, many people are unable to even take a test drive due to COVID-19. So why not take the test drive to your audience at home? 

Creating virtual test drive videos, which give viewers a driver’s seat view of what it’s like to be behind the wheel of your vehicles, can be a compelling piece of marketing material. By drawing viewers in with a look at the car’s sleek interior, great handling, and enticing features like great gas mileage or a rear-view camera that helps with parallel parking, you can give at-home viewers the extra nudge they need to decide they simply must take the leap to upgrade their car. 

Post Educational Content 

The car purchasing experience can be overwhelming. Cars are obviously a big-ticket item, which requires more research and can also come with more uncertainty when making a decision. 

By sharing educational content about your cars, the purchasing process, and even maintenance videos, you can build trust with your audience. When they come to view your dealership as a source for unbiased guidance, they are more likely to turn to you when they’re ready to make a purchase. 

Humanize Your Dealership 

Videos that humanize your dealership also go a long way in positioning your team as helpful resources throughout the car-buying journey. Consider sharing videos that feature your team of salespeople. And not just on the floor at the dealership, but also give viewers a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at who they are as individuals (favorite hobbies, how they spend their time with family and friends on the weekends). By showing consumers that the team at your dealership are friendly, kind people both inside and outside of work, you build trust with your audience. 

It’s also a great idea to create videos that show leadership discussing your bigger mission. Obviously, you don’t just run your business to sell cars. What is it that drives you to do what you do? 

Maybe you’re passionate about helping people find safe transportation for their families. Perhaps it’s a dedication to matching people up with the right car that can take them to their school or job efficiently. Whatever the case may be, giving consumers a look at the mission behind your business is another great way to build a personal, emotional connection. 

Consider the SEO Impact 

Video content plays a critical role in convincing prospects to come out to your dealership for a test drive (and, hopefully, to make a purchase). But it can also help in your SEO efforts

One of the factors Google and other search engines consider when determining results is the amount of time someone spends on your website. When consumers click through to a site and spend an extended period of time there, search engines make the correlation that the content must be high-quality. Otherwise, why would people stick around? 

Video is a great way to increase time on site because while people sometimes skim written content, they’ll often watch a video all the way through. The more video content you can include on your dealership’s website, the greater chance you have at boosting time on site and and your SEO. 

Video content can do a lot of good for your dealership’s marketing efforts. Our team can help you create a video marketing strategy for your dealership that hits the right marks. Give us a call to learn more

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