Whether a consumer is looking to lease or own, choosing a new vehicle is a big decision. So big, in fact, that they often spend months researching before walking into a dealership for a test drive and sales conversation. In our increasingly digital world, auto shoppers do more searching online than ever before, and they expect to find answers.  

In fact, according to the seminal Millward-Brown Digital/Google study, Online video ads prompted brand consideration among 37% of auto shoppers. If your dealership isn’t using digital video and video ads, you might not be top of mind when it comes time for auto customers to choose a car dealership to visit. 


Search Marketing Alone Isn’t Enough 

It may seem that a dealership’s digital marketing budget is best spent solely on search marketing. Investing in search marketing is a wise choice, especially when you consider how many searches consumers perform on their path to purchase.  

Google enlisted Luth Research to look at the customer journey for an opt-in panel of auto shoppers, finding that 139 Google searches were conducted in a three-month period. But while search marketing can ensure a car dealership appears high in consumer searches, it won’t necessarily keep them on a website longer. 


Drive Engagement with Video Content 

Consider this: Half of all car shoppers use their mobile devices while at the dealership. Not surprisingly, eMarketer tracks 69.4% of auto digital ads as mobile. The advantage of mobile messages is that they can reach consumers anytime, anywhere.  

Methods like geofencing can direct traffic to websites, and measures like dealership website optimization can lower bounce rates. But to move customers from discovery to conversion, marketing messages and website content need to be relevant and engaging. Video content on your website can help draw video ad clicks further into considering your dealership as the place to buy or service a vehicle. 


Drive Results with Video Ads 

When it comes to engagement, nothing beats video ads. According to Google, 69% of those who used YouTube while in the market for a car were influenced by what they saw. And video is how consumers want to learn about the new vehicles they’re interested in purchasing. 

When considering adding video ads to the marketing budget, it’s important to note that it’s not just about traditional broadcast commercials. During the decision-making process, consumers are looking for answers.  

The top three types of videos that auto intenders are viewing are: test drives, features and options, and walkthroughs. Car dealerships can add touches that speak to the local community by mentioning features that work well for the area (e.g. highlighting parallel parking assist for urban centers, heated seats for cooler climates, or suspension for bumpy country roads). 

Consider incorporating some of these types of auto shopper-centric content in your video ads, and then select your digital video ad platform of choice: YouTube Ads, Facebook video ads, video ads placed across an ad network, or partner with a premium publisher site for pre-roll video ads or website takeover video ads. 

There’s no magic bullet when it comes to automotive marketing. You need an insights-fueled dealership marketing strategy to move consumers along down the road to purchase. Digital video ads can be an important part of your dealership marketing plan to help stand out from the competition. Pairing insights for efficient audience targeting with engaging digital video ads can help drive more sales for your dealership. 

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