There are a lot of websites out there. In fact, there were 1.94 billion at the start of 2019, and the number only continues to grow.

If you’re going to stand out from this very large crowd, you need a great website. But, what makes a good website? It needs to be user-friendly, look great, and provide you with a way to capture leads and win business.

Here are the five elements any good website needs to have.

1. A Good Website is Mobile-Friendly.

In 2018, Google announced mobile-first indexing, meaning they would begin to base search result performance on mobile, not desktop, websites. If you want to do well in Google results, it pays to be mobile-friendly.

But beyond that, mobile is increasingly the first place consumers turn for search. More than half of all searches now begin on mobile devices, so it’s critical your mobile site loads quickly, looks great in a small format, and is easy to navigate.

2. Good Websites Include a Value Proposition

Once visitors land on your site, you want to make it easy for them to discover what you do and what separates you from your competitors. A value proposition is a way to do this.

A great value proposition is short and sweet. It tells consumers what they can expect from your business, explains why what you do is better than what others in the market are doing, and ends with a call to action.

Your value proposition can also present part of your business story and help you build a connection with prospective customers. We talked to a branding expert on how to find your business’s story here.

And, if you’re looking for some inspiration or guidance in writing your value proposition, check out this infographic (complete with several examples from real websites!).

3. A Good Website Implements Lead Capture Methods

Once you’ve written a stellar value proposition, you want to follow it with a call to action. A button below your value proposition inviting consumers to learn more, sign up, or get started is a great way to begin to capture leads.

Beyond the call to action on your homepage, you should include a different button on each subsequent page of your website. These offers should be tailored to the content you have on each respective page and might include offers to sign up for your newsletter, get your free ebook or infographic, or talk to a sales representative to learn more.

And, with lead capture methods, you’ll also want to make sure you have a robust lead management system in place to help you triage all your leads in one place.

4. A Good Website Includes a Meaningful Content

Even with a great website, some consumers might not be ready to do business with you right away. They need to trust your business before they sign on the dotted line.

That’s where a smart content marketing program comes in. Creating content — whether in the form of blog posts, podcast episodes, or a video series — is a great way to establish your business as a thought leader.

Don’t create content solely with the sale in mind. Focus on producing content that is meaningful for consumers. Share your expertise, and make your site their go-to spot on the internet for information related to your field or industry.

Even if this doesn’t result in a sale right away, be a trusted source of useful information by turning out helpful content on a regular schedule. When that consumer does need goods or services in your industry, guess who they’ll be turning to? (Hint: It’s you.)

5. A Good Website Displays Contact Information

This one may sound silly, but you’d be shocked by the number of websites that don’t clearly state their business’s address, phone, or email. If you’ve done a great job on the other four steps above, why shouldn’t a consumer want to reach out and do business with you?

If you bury your contact information deep on a back page of your website, they’re not going to go digging for it. Instead, they’ll turn to one of your competitors who makes it easier to get in touch.

Display your contact information in the footer or header on every single page of your website. That way, no matter where a consumer is, it’s easy for them to reach out to either ask a question or make a purchase.

Your business is facing some stiff competition out there on the web. If you want to give yourself a chance at standing out, you need to build a website that is inviting, shares what you do, and makes it easy for consumers to learn more or reach out. If you need help building a great site, check out our website design services.

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