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  • 76 Wonderful Winter Instagram Captions (+Canva Templates!)

Coming up with the perfect Instagram caption is difficult—especially when it’s for a business. You want something that aligns with your brand but that will also help your post stand out in the feed, engage your audience, and potentially get found by a new audience through hashtags or the Discover page. That’s a tall order for something that’s supposed to be quick and easy!

Which is why we’re sharing winter Instagram captions that are relatable, timely, and personable.

winter instagram captions meme

Get winter Instagram captions broken down by:

Plus, we’ve curated and created some free Canva templates you can use to go along with your winter Instagram captions to increase engagement and fill your social media calendar all season long. (Get them here!)

Tips for your winter Instagram captions

But first, here are some general tips to keep in mind as you write your Instagram captions this winter.

Know when to post on Instagram

It can be difficult to know when and how often your business should post on Instagram to get the best results. But understanding the best days, times, and types of posts to publish can make or break your Instagram marketing strategy.

best times to post on instagram according to wordstream

Get details on the best times to post on Instagram here.

Create a healthy mix of Instagram posts

Because Instagram is more geared toward the personal, it’s not about always selling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t include some promotional posts as part of your social media content calendar. It’s important to have a balance.

We like the 70-20-10 rule, which suggests you share:

  • 70% informational posts
  • 20% emotional posts
  • 10% promotional posts

70-20-10 rule for social posts

This way you can build up your audience while still including some promotional information on this popular platform.

Tag your location

Whenever you post a new photo or video from your business this winter, try tagging your location in your Instagram post. This will enable your location to show above your post in the feed and all posts tagged with your location will be organized under a location tag.

how to add location on instagram - example of instagram location page

You can also encourage your followers to tag your location whenever they post a photo from your business—this can help with sharing user-generated content!

Use winter hashtags

Another easy way to get found by a new audience is by using hashtags. Here are some popular winter hashtags to include in your Instagram captions:



First day of winter Instagram captions

The first day of winter is December 21! Use these captions that day to spread some cheer.

  • Happy first day of winter! Did you know today is also the shortest day of the year? #themoreyouknow
  • We’re *snow* happy it’s the first day of winter! What’s your favorite thing about this season? #firstdayofwinter
  • Happy First Day of Winter! Let’s break the ice: Do you have any favorite winter traditions? We’ll pick one person who comments to win a special prize!
  • Goodbye fall, hello winter! Stop by to see us for a winter treat to celebrate the new season ☕️
  • It’s the first day of winter, which means a new [menu/seasonal item/special]! We’re really excited about this one. Don’t miss out!
  • To celebrate the first day of winter, we’re running a BOGO special on all [product/service] TODAY ONLY!

first day of winter instagram template on canva

[Get template]

Winter Instagram captions for any business

Use these winter Instagram captions any time this season to warm up your page.

  • “Everything is magical when it snows. Everything looks pretty.” – Lorelei Gilmore | “A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water.” – Carl Reiner | What are your thoughts on snow? Are you team Lorelei or team Carl? 🤔
  • We asked our team what their favorite thing about winter is! Here’s what they had to say 🎤 (Post with video or quote cards of employees answering the prompt.)
  • We’re loving our winter [menu/offer/product/etc.]! Have you guys tried it yet? Get it before it’s too late!
  • Cold days, warm hearts, can’t lose. ❄️
  • What’s your favorite winter tradition? Let us know in the comments!
  • This winter, we’re looking forward to [insert something from your business]. Will we be seeing you?
  • It’s time for a winter Instagram contest! Make sure you’re following us, then like this post and tag a friend who you’d want to enjoy this prize with! (Share with more contest details and a picture of the prize.)
  • “What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” – John Steinbeck

winter instagram post with john steinbeck quote

[Get template]

New to Canva? Get our guide for how to use Canva here!

Cold weather captions

When the temperature drops, we’ve got some more winter Instagram caption ideas for you to try:

  • It might be cold outside, but things are heating up at [business name]! Stop by/Visit our website to take advantage of our [sale/promotion/seasonal item]. #iceicebaby
  • When the weather outside is frightful, this is how our team likes to stay warm! Never a dull moment at [business name] 😂 (Post with funny picture or video of employee or team staying warm.)
  • What is everyone doing this #frostyfriday to stay nice and toasty? Here’s a glimpse at our #winterweekend plans.
  • There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee on a cold winter day! ☕️ (Post with a picture of a coffee mug or your favorite local coffee shop—don’t forget to tag the business!)
  • Don’t let cold weather keep you down! Stay cozy and warm by [shopping with us online/ordering to-go or curbside].
  • Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but we’re all smiles at [business name]! Stop by to see our friendly team members. We’re ready to warm up your week 🔥
  • Did you know we offer complimentary coffee? Come in to get your fix and warm up with us!

cold weather instagram captions post with coffee mug and mittens

[Get template]

Industry-specific winter Instagram captions

Looking for something specific to your business? We’ve got you covered.


Here are some winter Instagram caption ideas for your dealership, repair shop, or automotive-related business.

  • Did you know that you’re supposed to check your tire tread every month? The cold weather can be especially hard on your tires. Make sure to give them a good look and replace or repair them if you see uneven or worn tread. #wintercarcare
  • Is it time for your [annual inspection/an oil change/etc.]? Warm up inside with a nice cup of [hot chocolate/coffee/beverages you offer] while we take care of it for you! ☕️
  • Service your car with us this season and get a [free car wash/coupon for your next visit/coupon for your spring visit]!
  • Traveling for the holidays this season? Check out our top winter travel tips! (Post with an image of your travel tips or direct people to a link in your bio.)
  • Dreaming of a summer road trip? Now might be the perfect time to get that new car you’ve been dreaming of too. We have low winter prices ready and waiting for you! 🚙

winter instagram captions post for automotive business

[Get template]


Use these Instagram captions this winter for your healthcare business.

  • With COVID-19 and flu cases rising this season, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself and your family safe. Check out more of our top tips at the link in our bio.
  • Feeling under the weather? Rest, plenty of fluids, and a saltwater gargle can help you feel better faster. Our office is open and here for you—give us a call if you need to!
  • Want to know how to stay healthy this winter? Check out the link in our bio for simple tips that will stave off sickness this season 🤧
  • During this busy winter season, we wanted to take a minute to thank our amazing office staff for keeping everything running smoothly! We couldn’t do this without you! (Post with a picture of employees.)
  • Looking for a healthy recipe to warm you up this winter? This [recipe] is fast, easy, healthy, and filling. #easymeals #wintermeals

winter instagram captions post for healthcare

[Get template]

Home services

Try these winter Instagram caption ideas to spruce up your home services Instagram page this season.

  • Get ahead of spring cleaning! We’re offering a winter special that you won’t want to miss. Get the details at the link in our bio or give us a call at [number]. #wintercleaning
  • Haters gonna hate and heaters gonna heat 🔥 #hvachumor
  • Do you know what to do if your pipes burst in a freeze? Be prepared! Our expert shares what you need to know. (Post with a video of one of your employees sharing tips or direct to a link in your bio with tips.)
  • We know the winter weather can wreak havoc on your home. We’re here if you need us for same-day or emergency service! (Post with a picture of employees.)
  • Did you know you can cover your windows in bubble wrap (from the inside) to help prevent cold air from leaking through? Get more cool winter-proofing tips at the link in our bio. #winterproof

winter instagram captions post for home services business

[Get template]

Real estate

Here are some winter Instagram captions real estate businesses can try:

  • Like the weather outside, is the housing market cooling down? Find out our predictions at the link in our bio!
  • [add client testimonial] – We were so happy to work with [client name] to get them into [his/her/their] dream home this winter. They’re going to enjoy the [city name] [snow, warmer weather, etc.]!
  • Entertaining this season? Check out a few of our team’s top tips for making your home into a winter wonderland! #winterhomeinspo (Post with some ideas and pictures from your team of their winter decorations.)
  • Know someone planning to buy or sell a new home this winter? We’d love to meet them! We’re running a winter referral special–get the details at the link in our bio! (Share with details of your referral program.)
  • Planning a big move this spring? Then now is the time to start preparing! We suggest clients begin tidying their homes, getting rid of items they won’t need, and attending to minor repairs so they can be ready to sell in the upcoming months. Get more tips at the link in our bio.

winter instagram captions post for real estate business

[Get template]

Gyms and fitness

The winter months are a big time for gyms and fitness businesses. Here are some Instagram caption ideas:

  • Ready to get back into the grind? We can help! Take advantage of our New Year special so you can start the year off right. 🏋️‍♂️
  • Here are some easy [stretches/moves/workouts] you can do at home to jumpstart your metabolism and get your body moving. [with a video or images to accompany]
  • “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot. We completely agree. Your goals, your dreams, and your potential will always be there—you just have to go for them!
  • It can be hard to stay motivated on your health journey during the winter months. Our trainers share their top tips to stay on track! (Share with pictures of tips from your team or a video of an employee sharing tips.)
  • It’s important to do something for yourself every day! Take a quick five-minute break for stretching or deep breathing to increase relaxation 🧘🏾‍♀️

winter instagram captions post for gyms and fitness businesses

[Get template]

Schools and education businesses

This is a busy time for many schools and education-related businesses. Here are some Instagram caption ideas to use:

  • Looking for ways to entertain your kids this winter? Try this fun and easy [craft/idea/etc]! (Share with picture or video of an idea for kids)
  • Winter break is almost over! Our teachers are back at school preparing to welcome everyone back! (Share with picture of teachers preparing their classrooms for the new semester.)
  • We’re excited to have everyone back for the semester! We’ve got a lot of exciting events, games, and opportunities coming up—make sure to check out the link in our bio for the school calendar.
  • “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” – Confucius
  • How do you stay motivated for a new semester? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll choose someone at random to win a special prize!

Get more school social media post ideas here.

winter instagram captions post for schools

[Get template]

Spas and salons

Here are some winter Instagram captions spas and wellness businesses can use:

  • The winter season is busy, but don’t forget to set aside some time for YOU. We’ve got an end of year special that will make it worth your while 💕
  • After a busy holiday season, you need some pampering! Check out our winter specials and come see us!
  • We love this [insert description of work from your spa] on one of our customers! Great work as always by [employee name]!
  • We’re so excited about our new [promotion, product, etc] available this winter only! Make an appointment or drop by to enjoy it for yourself.
  • Self-care is more than a day at the spa! This winter season, make it a point to find ways for a little self-care every day. Some of our favorites include: exercise or stretching, reading, talking to a friend on the phone, and meditating. Let us know how you self-care!

winter instagram captions post for spas

[Get template]

January Instagram captions

January is all about a fresh start, setting goals, and getting organized. Here are some Instagram caption ideas to try this month:

  • Can you believe it’s 2023 already? Here at [business name], we’re setting our goals for the year, and we can’t wait to share them with you! What are your goals for the new year? #resolution #goalplanning
  • New year, who dis?
  • It’s never too late to become who you were meant to be.
  • We’re looking at January as a fresh start! What are you hoping to accomplish this year?
  • Our after-holiday sale is in full swing! Stop by to grab something Santa didn’t check off your list ✅
  • A new year means new [products or services]! Stop by to check out [new product or service].
  • We’re so excited about everything we have planned this year. Take a sneak peek at our website to see the events we have coming up this month 👀 (link in bio)!

Get more January social media ideas (with a free calendar!) here.

winter instagram captions 2023 goals template

[Get template]

February Instagram captions

Make your audience fall in love with your business’s Instagram page with these February caption ideas:

  • We ❤️ our customers! Here’s what [customer name] had to say last time [he/she/they] stopped by!
  • Valentine’s Day is just days away—what are you getting your loved ones? We’ve got some ideas! (More Valentine’s Day Instagram captions here.)
  • Looking for things to do in [your city] this month? Check out some of our favorite spots and upcoming events.
  • We’re feeling the love this month! Come in for a [discount here] any time in February as our way to say thanks 💕
  • Trying to find the perfect gift to show your loved ones you care? Here’s our Valentine’s Day gift guide!
  • February might be a short month, but we’re packing in a ton of [savings/events/etc]! See what we have up our sleeve…
  • February is Black History Month. Here’s one of our favorite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We linked even more quotes at the link in our bio.

Find more February social media post ideas here.

post for february instagram captions - Black History Month

[Get template]

March Instagram captions

The snow is thawing (in some places) and spring is near—here are some March Instagram caption ideas to wrap up the season:

  • We’re nearing the end of winter! What are you going to miss most about this season? And what are you looking forward to in spring? We can’t wait to enjoy some warmer weather.
  • March is National Craft Month! We put together some tutorials of some fun and easy crafts you can try at home ✂️ #craftmonth #letsgetcrafty
  • We’ve got some exciting new arrivals coming in for the start of spring. We can’t wait to show you! 👀
  • Don’t forget to enter our Month of March contest! Make sure you’re following us, and tag a friend for your chance to enter. (Get more tips for running Instagram contests here.)
  • March to the beat of your own drum 🥁
  • March 12: Daylight Savings ends tomorrow! Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour ⏰

post for march instagram captions - daylight savings ending

[Get template]

Make your winter Instagram posts wonderful

By using these winter Instagram captions ideas (and templates!) you can engage your audience in a new way while taking some of the pressure off to come up with new ideas each day or week.

Want even more social media post ideas for every month of the year? Download our 2023 Marketing Planning Guide here!

Looking for more seasonal Instagram caption ideas? We’ve got you covered:

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